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How To Make Pumpkin Milk For Skinny People At Home

How to make pumpkin milk also known as pumpkin milk will bring you an attractive drink for many people to enjoy. With the unique rich taste of pumpkin, combined with the fatty taste of fresh milk, condensed milk and coconut milk, pumpkin milk is not only a delicious drink but also contains high nutritional content. weight gain and good for health.

Delicious, nutritious pumpkin milk (Photo: Internet)

Red pumpkin is one of the familiar foods in many people’s daily meals. Containing high starch content, pumpkin has a rich fat content suitable for processing many different dishes. Besides familiar dishes such as pumpkin porridge, pumpkin soup, pumpkin soup, pumpkin tea … you can change your taste with delicious pumpkin milk.

The way to make delicious and attractive pumpkin milk will be shared by the Eurasian Mixing Teaching Center below so that you can make your own at home, have instant drinks every day.

Ingredients for making pumpkin milk

  • 500gr pumpkin
  • ½ can of condensed milk
  • 1 liter of fresh milk without sugar
  • 500ml of coconut milk
  • Tools: blender, sieve, pot …

How to make pumpkin milk at home, effective nutritional supplement

How to choose pumpkins to cook delicious milk

When buying, choose a pumpkin that is heavy, firm in hand, and has a smooth shell. If you buy a popular variety of orange squash, look for those dark orange. These are old ripe fruit, high fat.

You should avoid buying pumpkins with spots on the skin. In addition, you should pay attention to choose green rolls to ensure the freshness of the squash.

Process materials

After buying squash, you peel it clean, cut the pumpkin into 4 parts, scrape off all the squash and rinse with water to make it clean.

Then you cut the pumpkin into medium-sized squares. Cutting the squash will save you time in steaming.

Pumpkin peeled, cleaned intestines and cut into medium pieces (Photo: Internet)

Steamed pumpkins

Prepare a steamer, put in a steamer with filtered water, pinch salt and boil, then add the pumpkin to steam. After the squash is steamed, take it out and let it cool.

Puree the ingredients for cooking pumpkin milk

In this step, you put the steamed pumpkin in a blender and pureed. Then, you add condensed milk and coconut milk to grind together.

When the ingredients are smooth, continue to add sugar-free fresh milk, press the blender button for a few seconds, then turn off the machine. Then you let the mixture filter through the sieve to make the milk smooth. If you find a way to make pumpkin milk for your baby, you should use fresh milk with sugar to create a sweet taste to stimulate your baby’s appetite and supplement energy and nutrition to help your baby gain weight.

In addition, you can cook pumpkin milk No need for a machine By: using a spoon to crush and spread the squash through the sieve and then add fresh milk, condensed milk and coconut milk to stir.

Pumpkin puree (Photo: Internet)

How to cook pumpkin with milk

Put the pumpkin and milk mixture in a saucepan, place on the stove and boil. During the cooking process, use the patch to stir well so that the pumpkin does not stick to the bottom of the pot. Note that low heat is set during cooking. Boiling water for about 30 seconds, you turn off the heat to have a delicious and attractive pumpkin milk.

Enjoy pumpkin milk

Pumpkin milk, served hot or used cold, has a rich, aromatic, and delicious flavor. On cold days, a cup of hot pumpkin milk will make you feel warm and energetic. Using the pumpkin milk cold, you just need to add ice to the milk, but note that add some ice to prevent it from being diluted or put it in the refrigerator in the refrigerator.

Request finished pumpkin milk

Pumpkin milk is delicious when it has eye-catching yellow color, mixed aroma of milk and pumpkin, lightness, not too loose nor too thick. When enjoying, you will feel the delicious, sweet and delicious pumpkin taste.

What is the effect of drinking pumpkin milk?

Many worried people do not know to drink Is more pumpkin milk good? We would like to share the expert opinion as follows: besides containing many minerals such as phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, pumpkin milk provides great energy to the body. Especially, pumpkin milk Containing abundant vitamin A is good for the eyes, improves eyesight, at the same time helps strong bones and supports nutrient absorption for thin people.

Pumpkin milk can not gain weight? This vegetable milk is considered one of the effective natural food balance gain methods. Pumpkin milk contains a lot of energy to help provide the body function. The fiber found in pumpkin is very good for the intestine, has the effect of improving the function of the digestive system, enhancing the absorption of nutrients from other foods. As a result, you can gain weight effectively and healthy.

Drink pumpkin milk properly

To best promote the weight gain effects of pumpkin milk, you should drink milk after lunch and dinner before bed. In addition, you should combine with a diet rich in nutrients and energy, increase sports exercise to get in shape.

It is recommended to drink pumpkin milk after lunch and at night before bed (Photo: Internet)

How long does pumpkin milk last? How to preserve pumpkin milk

Your milk poured into a glass bottle with a tight lid, placed in the refrigerator cooler, the temperature is from 4 to 5 degrees C. Pumpkin milk is cooked from fresh ingredients, so the storage time is short, you should use it up. milk within 3-4 days.

How to make pumpkin milk at home is both simple and suitable for the taste and hygiene. You can enjoy it anytime if you want. Do not forget to share the recipe with those around you, helping everyone to have more nutritious drinks to take care of the family. Next, please refer to how to make delicious corn milk!

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