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How To Make Korean Rice Milk Help Beautiful Skin

How to cook Korean rice milk Simple, delicious, unique and healthy taste, so it is very popular in “Korea”. You can buy bottled rice milk or make your own at home to suit your taste and peace of mind. How to make roasted rice milk is not difficult, just a little tip you will have delicious rice milk glasses!

Rice products are always trusted and liked (Photo: Internet)

What is the effect of Korean Rice Milk?

Rice milk also known as Korean rice country What effect? This is one of the secrets to help Korean women with naturally bright white skin to be proud of. Rice milk has a sweet taste and is suitable for refreshments. One of these effects is to help balance sleep, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

Rice milk helps to purify the body, beautify the skin and prevent the aging process and the formation of wrinkles. Regularly drinking rice milk can help you improve dull, lifeless skin. Rice milk is made from roasted rice and fresh milk, so it has a characteristic aroma and delicious taste that is suitable for drinking every day.

Drinking Korean Roasted Rice Milk Is Fat?

Many people worry about whether or not rice milk is fat, the answer is that rice milk contains low calories and no cholesterol, so the nutrients will be absorbed into the body without gaining weight. Korean rice milk is also a good weight loss support food if you drink it before meals to limit cravings, less energy intake into the body.

Now, let’s teach Mixing Asia Europe to refer to how to make Korean roasted rice broth in the beautiful skin drinks section below to make at home and treat the whole family!

How To Make Korean Rice Milk

Ingredients For Cooking Roasted Rice Milk

  • 15gr sticky rice (delicious)
  • 15gr non-glutinous rice (delicious)
  • 500ml whole fresh milk (pasteurized or pasteurized milk without sugar will work)
  • 500ml hot water
  • Sugar (depending on taste)

How To Cook Korean Rice Milk, Delicious, Beautiful Skin

Step 1: Clean the Rice

To make rice milk delicious, fatty and aromatic, you need to choose delicious sticky rice and non-glutinous rice, with firm seeds, plump, and non-worm. When you bite, try the rice seeds and sticky rice that are fragrant and fatty. Rinse the rice and sticky rice and let it drain.

Wash the rice to remove dirt (Photo: Internet)

Step 2: How to Roast Rice

Put the pan on the stove to heat, then add the rice to the roast until golden over low heat. It will take about 10 minutes for this step. After roasting, the rice and sticky rice will slightly inflate, the aroma will help the milk taste better. You can roast dark yellow rice, but be careful not to burn the rice, which affects the flavor and color of the milk.

Step 3: How to Cook Roasted Rice Milk

The next step is to mix roasted rice, fresh milk, and boiling water. Cover and soak the rice for 10-15 minutes. Then, take the rice milk pot on the stove and heat it on low heat until the milk is hot, bubbly, then turn off the heat.

Cook rice milk over low heat to make it hot (Photo: Internet)

To make Korean rice milk clear and free of debris, you use a sieve or a thin cloth to filter out the rice residue (this rice you can use to cook delicious porridge).

Step 4: Perfecting Rice Milk

Finally mix the sugar in the milk and let it cool. Put the milk in bottles and store in the refrigerator, use gradually over a period of 3-5 days.

Korean roasted rice milk brings many good effects for health (Photo: Internet)

Notes when making Korean roasted rice milk

  • To make Korean rice milk delicious, don’t be too harsh, don’t add too much sugar. Rice milk just needs to be slightly sweet and natural. The smell of roasted rice mingled with the fatty taste will make you relax and comfortable.
  • If you want a fatter rice milk, you can roast the peanuts with the rice and cook together.
  • You should wait for the pan to be hot before roasting, constantly stirring the rice with chopsticks to cook the rice evenly.
  • You can use roasted rice milk instead of cow’s milk, served with bread for breakfast also provides full nutrition for the body. Roasted rice milk can be drunk hot or cold.

Above, Teaching to Mix Asia Europe has shared with you how to cook Korean rice milk – One of those skin beauty drinks. Please save this recipe to add to your menu. Besides, you can refer to how to make soy milk.

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