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How To Make Healthy Red Apple Chrysanthemum Tea

Red apple chrysanthemum tea is a healthy drink, especially for those who suffer from headaches, dizziness, and nervous tension. How to make red apple chrysanthemum tea that Teaching Asian European Brewing Guide is very simple, but delicious, easy to drink.

Learn how to make chamomile tea with a pleasant herb flavor

Ingredients For Red Apple Chrysanthemum Tea

  • Dried chamomile tea: 10gr
  • Dried red apple: 30gr
  • Prince: 5gr
  • Small alum sugar: 15gr
  • Water: 1 liter
  • Tools: sieve, tea bag, cooking pot, teapot …

How To Make A Ky Tu Red Apple Chrysanthemum Tea

Step 1: Wash Tea

First, you put the ingredients including: dried chamomile, dried red apple, goji berries in a cloth tea bag. Then, you cook a small pot of water on the stove, blanch the tea bag into the pot of water to remove impurities and dirt. When making tea, the juice will be clear, beautiful color and more fragrant.

Ingredients for making red apple chrysanthemum tea (Photo: Internet)

Step 2: Brewing Tea

The next step is to use a tea pot or a small pot. For the mixed tea mixture, pour about 1 liter of boiling water at 90 degrees C and brew the tea for about 15 – 20 minutes.

When brewing tea, you add small alum sugar to it, if possible you can crush it to dissolve it faster.

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Step 3: Make Red Apple Chrysanthemum Tea

Finally, use a sieve to remove the tea grounds and keep the red apple chamomile tea juice.

After washing the tea, you can brew it in a glass pot or a ceramic cup (Photo: Internet)

Finished Product Requirements

  • Chamomile tea is light brown in color, has clear tea juice and is fragrant.
  • The tea is not burnt or too acrid, with a natural herbal flavor.
  • Besides the sweetness of rock sugar, you can substitute honey to make honey chamomile tea.

Uses Of Red Apple Chrysanthemum Tea

  • Improving heart health: chamomile tea contains antioxidants that have the ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Some recent studies also demonstrate that the antioxidants in chamomile can treat angina or ease pain.
  • Antibacterial, anti-bacteria that cause colds: sunny days, you have a cold or a cold, drinking a cup of warm red apple chamomile tea will cool your body and reduce fever very quickly.
  • Improving allergy: for Oriental medicine doctors, the rash is caused by the body heat, you can use it to treat scarlet fever. After drinking chamomile tea after 2-3 hours, the redness will decrease.
  • Prevent cancer: According to research in the US, apigenin in chamomile tea works to prevent cancer cells from growing. According to research, drinking red apple chamomile tea 2-4 times a week will be less likely to develop thyroid cancer.
  • Insomnia, low blood pressure: red apple chamomile tea dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, reduces blood fats and nervous stress, helps you sleep well.
  • In addition, red apple chamomile tea has antibiotic effects of bacteria and toxins that are harmful to the body and soothe headaches, treat bad breath and help the body relax.
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Chamomile tea has a light flavor, easy to drink and nutritious (Photo: Internet)

Is Chrysanthemum Tea Good?

For drinking chrysanthemum tea Correctly, you should drink after eating a lot of fat about 4 hours to digest body fat, reduce the feeling of bloating. In addition, after exercising a lot of sweat, you should drink chamomile tea to rehydrate the body, reduce blood concentration.

You should not drink red apple chrysanthemum tea when hungry, the body is prone to hypoglycemia, altering gastric juice and stomach pain. In particular, those who are drunk on tea will have feelings of dizziness, restlessness, and discomfort.

When buying ingredients Red apple chrysanthemum tea, you should choose reputable and quality places. Stay tuned for more ways to make a kumquat juice at Asian Eurasian Mixing Teaching!

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