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How To Make Fresh Coconut Water Cream Mist

Summer is here, sipping a cool glass of mist, combined with fragrant coconut milk, nothing better. How to make flute fog Coconut water is very easy, with natural ingredients that will help you cool down on a hot day effectively.

Sweet soup with coconut water and jelly helps to cool down the summer effectively

Flute is one of the dishes familiar to many people. In particular, this is considered a dish associated with the childhood of many generations of Vietnamese. Those were the afternoons with the group of friends sitting under the banyan tree or village bamboo bushes, waiting for the familiar announcement to be able to sip cool glasses of dew on summer days.

If the southerners call it dew-flute, the Northern people call it black jelly (flute dew jelly), the Central people is the square line. Chewy white mist, ring-ring but fragrant flavor combined with fragrant coconut milk, adding a little cool ice is enough for you to dispel the heat of summer sun. The recipe for coconut milk flute frosting will be shared right away so you can make your favorite cooling dessert.

Ingredients for the mist

Part Dew

Coconut Juice

  • 200ml of water
  • 70gr of sugar
  • 10gr flour
  • 500ml of coconut milk
  • 200ml of fresh milk
  • 3gr salt
  • Dispensing tools: pot, stirring spoon, plastic tray, glass cup, spoon …

How To Make Delicious Coconut Juice

Step 1: How to make fog

First, you put the prepared black flute powder into a small bowl, add 100g of sugar, stir well. Mixing sugar into flute powder is the secret to helping flute powder dissolve with water better, not clumping.

Stir well to allow the mist to dissolve completely before cooking

Next, you put in a clean pot with 1 liter of filtered water and then add the powdered powder mixture to the pot, stir well to dissolve the flour and sugar, then let the dough rest for about 10 minutes.

Take advantage of ice tray to make flute fog

After 10 minutes, put the pot on the stove and bring to a boil over medium heat. After the mixture is boiling, use a spoon to stir and feel the mixture match, turn off the heat, let the cooked flute frost, let it cool and put in the refrigerator cooler to quickly freeze.

Step 2: How to Make Fragrant Coconut Juice

Put the pot on the stove, cook until the water is boiling, add 70g of granulated sugar, stir well to dissolve the sugar completely, then add 10g of dissolved flour with water prepared previously.

Next, you cook until the flour turns transparent, add 500ml of coconut milk, stir for a moment, add 200ml of fresh milk, 3 grams of salt and boil with a simmering heat until you see the coconut milk slightly contrasting. is off the stove.

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Step 3: Complete the finished product

The dishes with dew, such as é seeds, chia seeds, coconut jelly, pearls … will make desserts more attractive. In this article, Teaching of Asian-European Blends uses side dishes. Buy dried élite seeds, you put them in water and soak them softly.

The seeds make the dish more delicious and increase the nutritional value

Next, put in a glass a little ice crushed, cut the frost into small pieces to eat on top, add 30ml of sugar water (can decrease the amount of sugar depending on the sweet taste of each person), sprinkle Coconut milk on top and finally scoop in a spoonful of green seeds, you will have an attractive cooling dish on summer day.

Dew served with coconut milk, é seeds are very attractive

Is it good to eat jelly?

According to Oriental Medicine, the mist has a sweet and cool taste, so it has an effect on cooling and purifying the body effectively. In addition, the mist also helps cool the liver, reduces blood pressure, aids in the treatment of diabetes, treatment of colds, myalgia, arthritis … Moreover, this dish has the combination of coconut milk and green seeds. Increases the nutrition and taste of the drink. A glass of coconut milk with coconut milk contains only about 96 calories, so this is the right dish to enjoy every day without worrying about gaining weight.

So we are done how to make the flute fog combined with coconut milk. Do not hesitate to do it yourself at home to ensure taste and hygiene, treat the whole family in the hot weather! Next, invite you to refer to how to cook cooling squash tea.

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