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How To Make Drinks From Dragon Fruit – The “Rescue” Team of Agricultural Products

In addition to how to make bread dragon fruitYou can concoct drinks from dragon fruit to “rescue” agricultural products that are “stagnant”. Creation preparation from white dragon fruit and red dragon fruit to a drink with delicious flavors and eye-catching colors to attract more customers if you are in business.

Making drinks from dragon fruits to help farmers “rescue” agricultural products (Photo: Internet)

Dragon fruit, watermelon, banana, mango … all kinds tropical fruits is the main agricultural export of our country. The market for these items is mainly a country of more than 3 billion people – China. However, an outbreak of Covid-19 acute pneumonia in China affected the output of agricultural products.

Accompanying “rescue” agricultural products has helped farmers to consume dragon fruit, watermelon, and lobster … Not only that, people also think of many ways to use these ingredients to process food every day, creating output for agricultural products. If the “bread king” Kao Super Force kicked off the rescue with a unique dragon fruit bread, the bartenders also had a wealth of ways to turn dragon fruit into a drink. Join the team to “rescue” agricultural products with the beverage recipe from dragon fruit deliciously below!

Delicious and nutritious dragon fruit ingredients for drinks (Photo: Internet)

How to make dragon fruit juice

Raw materials for making dragon fruit juice

  • 1 ripe red dragon fruit
  • 30ml sugar water
  • 10ml Hibiscus syrup
  • 10ml syrup jam
  • 50gr of white sugar
  • Ice
  • Tools: juicer, shaker, cup, spoon, knife, cutting board, small sieve …

How to make dragon fruit juice

Step 1: You cut the dragon fruit vertically, using a spoon to scrape the flesh. Next, you marinate dragon fruit with 50gr of sand sugar to make the juice bold, sweet and beautiful in color.

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Step 2: Put the pre-processed dragon fruit into the juice extractor, filter through the sieve to clean the seeds. There is also a way to make dragon fruit juice without a machine as follows: you put the dragon fruit in a bowl, add a little water, puree it and use a sieve to smooth it.

Step 3: Put in a shake bottle 70ml dragon fruit juice, 30ml sugar water, 10ml Hibiscus syrup to colorize, 10ml syrup syrup for flavoring, ice cubes, shake well for blended ingredients and cold drinks pour. to a cup, enjoy.

Dragon fruit juice has a cooling effect (Photo: Internet)

Instructions on how to make a dragon fruit smoothie

Raw materials for dragon fruit smoothie

  • 1 dragon fruit
  • 20ml condensed milk
  • 30ml of fresh milk
  • 20ml sugar water
  • Ice
  • Dispensing tools: blender, glass cup, stirring spoon, knife …

Steps to make dragon fruit smoothie

Step 1: Dragon fruit, cut in half, peeled and then cut into small pieces, put in a bowl. You can chill dragon fruit in the refrigerator cooler before preparing it so that you don’t need ice cubes.

Step 2: Put the dragon fruit in a blender along with 20ml condensed milk, 30ml of fresh milk, ice cubes, 20ml of sugar water, and then grind for about 20-30 seconds for smooth pureed ingredients. You can reduce the amount of sugar, milk in smoothies because dragon fruit already has sweetness.

Step 3: Pour a dragon fruit smoothie and make a glass, decorate the drink with mint leaves, you will have a delicious, nutritious beverage and help farmers to consume agricultural products.

Delicious and nutritious dragon fruit smoothie (Photo: Internet)

How to make red dragon fruit soda

Raw materials for red dragon fruit soda

  • 1 red dragon fruit (about 400gr)
  • 10ml of sugar water
  • 400gr sand sugar
  • 1 can of soda
  • Ice
  • Tools: small pot, stirring spoon, glass and glass jar to preserve dragon fruit syrup …

Learn to make red dragon fruit attractive

Step 1: You can make your own red dragon fruit syrup to use many times. Put 400g of dragon fruit puree, 400g of sugar and sand in a pot, stir until the sugar dissolves and place on the stove with low heat until the mixture matches. Then, you let the dragon fruit syrup cool, put into a glass box and store in the refrigerator cooler.

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Step 2: You add 30ml dragon fruit syrup, 10ml sugar water into a glass, add ice cubes and fill the glass with soda. Decorate drinks with mint or basil leaves. Done this way, your drink will lay out beautifully, when you enjoy it, stir the ingredients evenly!

Dragon fruit soda (red flesh dragon fruit)

How to make green tea macchiato dragon fruit

Ingredients to make green tea macchiato

  • 5gr green tea
  • 200ml hot water
  • 1 red dragon fruit
  • 30ml sugar water
  • 100gr whipping cream
  • 100gr topping cream
  • A pinch of salt
  • Ice
  • Dispensing tools: juicer, teapot, glass cup, egg beater, small bowl …

How to make dragon fruit green tea macchiato delicious and delicious

Step 1: Put green tea in a kettle, wash the tea in hot water. Next, you steep the tea with 200ml of hot water, incubate it for about 15 minutes to make the tea extract the juice, then remove the tea leaves, and let it cool.

Step 2: Dragon fruit you peel, put in the juicer.

Step 3: Put the topping cream, whipping cream, a pinch of salt into the bowl, then beat the egg beater to make the mixture smooth and slightly fluffy, and the macchiato is fragrant.

Step 4: Pour into a shake bottle of 70ml of tea juice, 30ml of dragon fruit juice, 30ml of sugar water, ice cubes and then shake for about 10 seconds for the ingredients to blend.

Step 5: Pour the tea out 2/3 cup then put macchiato on top and enjoy!

You can create dragon fruit macchiato green tea that adds a fresh lychee flavor

How to make red dragon fruit pearl milk tea beautifully

Materials for making dragon fruit pearl milk tea

  • 5gr black tea
  • 50gr of milk powder
  • 50gr of sandy sugar
  • 1 dragon fruit
  • 100gr flour
  • Hot water
  • Milk tea making tools: tea maker, shaker, glass cup, stirring spoon, sieve …

Revealing to make dragon fruit pearl milk tea

Step 1: Wash black tea with hot water before brewing to remove residual dirt. Put the washed tea in the brewing bottle, add 200ml of hot water from 80 – 90 degrees C and incubate for about 15 minutes. Then, you remove the tea body.

Making milk tea is as simple as this: put in the tea juice, just mix 50g of milk powder, 30g of sugar and stir to dissolve the ingredients completely.

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Step 2: Dragon fruit squeezes the juice, filter it through the sieve to clean the seeds. Put 100g of flour, 20g of granulated sugar into a small bowl, mix well and pour about 40ml of boiling water. You just pour boiling water while stirring with chopsticks to absorb the dough. Then, you add a little dragon fruit juice and knead for a smooth, smooth, even dough and let the dough rest for about 15 minutes.

Step 3: You knead the pearl dough into long strands, and use a knife to cut it into small, medium sized balls. You can coat the pearls with flour so that the pearls won’t stick when they boil.

Dragon fruit pearl with beautiful colors (Photo: Internet)

Boil the pearls, cover the pot tightly and boil the pearls over low heat. Every few minutes, use a ladle to stir the pearls from the bottom of the pot.

The time to boil the pearls is about 25-30 minutes. Then, you turn off the heat and continue to brew the pearls for 30 minutes. Finally, let the boiled pearls rinse in cold water and then soak them with sugar water to create sweetness.

Step 4: You put in a 100ml shaker of milk tea, ice cubes, shake well, then pour the milk tea into a glass, add the beautiful red dragon fruit pearls on top and enjoy!

Milk tea combines new dragon fruit pearls

Quickly add these to the menu drinks from dragon fruits to recommend to customers. Let’s join hands together “rescue” dragon fruit, helping farmers overcome this difficulty. You can also “rescue” watermelon by making fresh watermelon juice!

If you want to learn how to make milk tea for business, you can take a look at the milk tea course at Eurasian Brewing Teaching. In addition to traditional milk tea, lotus milk tea, Thai milk tea … you will learn more than 15 kinds of toppings that are most popular in the market, especially how to make rainbow pearls from natural colors that are beautiful, attractive and healthy. Please!

In addition to how to make drinks from dragon fruit, we also share with you how to make cool sugar cane juice for you to add to the menu of drinks for the whole family.

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