How to make delicious carrot milk – Carrot mylk

Vegetable milk when mixed with fruit tastes very delicious (banana milk is my favorite dish), and when mixed with tubers is unexpectedly delicious, such as this carrot milk.

Carrot milk is popularly sold in the streets, cafes or shops in countries like Malaysia or India as a familiar and simple drink. However, in Vietnam, it is possible that a portion of vegetable milk is not widely sold, so its variations such as turmeric or carrot milk are not widely available.

The ingredients of this dish are only basic from 3 ingredients: carrot (cooked or pressed), and milk (cow’s milk or vegetable milk), add a little seasoning for flavor (cinnamon, cardamom / cardamom). , safffron, ginger … depending) and sweeteners (sugar, honey or mapple syrup, or grind with a little dates / raisins for natural sweetness). But there are some simple things that are extremely cool. Do not take long. Leave in the cupboard for a few days. Save time blocks!

There are several versions made of carotid milk.

Method 1: cooked carrots + milk

Sliced ​​carrots, steamed or boiled, pureed in a blender, put in hot milk, add spices and sugar. Note if made from almond milk base milk, do not boil over high heat, just let it heat up very low, and keep warm, and blend with the ground carrot.

Method 2: is my way as follows

3 large carrots (if small, 4-5 bulbs) squeeze about 50ml of juice
1 l Almond milk (soak 100gr almonds, boil seeds, remove the skin, puree with 1l of warm water, filter through sieve)
1 tbsp peanut butter (or almond butter or any kind of nut butter, etc.). Without butter, the almonds increase the texture of the milk even more.
1tsp cinnamon powder
1tsp vanilla essence (optional)

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The carrot juice is squeezed by the press. Add carrot juice to the almond milk. Add cinnamon powder and peanut butter, honey. Spinning up for all to dissolve together. Enjoy 🙂

Almond milk is delicious, add the carrot juice and peanut butter flavored, add honey and cinnamon to taste. Orange-orange milk color very love. This version I drink cool. If you drink it warm, warm up for a little ginger (when you press the carrot to squeeze a little ginger, or beat it into a pot of milk when warm), very warm. Children love it too.

Anyone who doesn’t have a juicer makes a blender. Grind all the almonds and carrots when making milk and filter the whole body.

Anyone who likes to cook carrot is in the way 1. If you like to stick and flatter your tongue, you can use condensed milk. However, I am a fan of juice, so whatever raw can be used, I use raw. Vegetables, after being cooked, lose more vitamins and minerals than raw. And I make vegan, no cow’s milk or condensed milk.

This milk is refrigerated for at least 2 days. Drinking is very enjoyable.

In short, it’s a good idea to try 😉

Please try and comment the results below!

Carrot milk – Carrot milk

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Serves: 1 L Cooking Time: 30min

Instructions (5 Steps)


Method 1: From carrot juice


The carrot juice is squeezed with a juicer. Add carrot juice to the almond milk. Add cinnamon powder and peanut butter, honey. Mix it all up together, or blend it all together using blender. Enjoy 🙂


Method 2: Boil ripe carrots and grind


Sliced ​​carrots, steamed or boiled, pureed in a blender, warmed with milk, added spices and sugar as desired.


Note if made from almond milk base milk and choose the second option using heat, do not boil over high heat, just let the heat be very small and warm, the essence to blend with the ground carrot, because almond milk If the kernel is on a high fire, it will become a lumpy pig.

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