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How To Make Delicious And Nutritious Oat Milk

Oat It is a nutritious cereal that can be used to prepare sweet and savory dishes, so it is popular with many people. Oat milk is one of the delicacies made from oats. So how to make oat milk what? Invite you to refer to immediately the secret of cooking delicious vegetable milk, fostering health.

Nutritious and delicious oat milk (Photo: Internet)

In recent years, in addition to animal milk, people also tend to use vegetable milk for nutritional supplements. Vegetable milk can be made from a variety of ingredients such as brown rice, walnuts, almonds, soybeans, black sesame seeds, peanuts, oats … In which, oat milk has a simple way and Because of its delicious taste, many families choose to cook at home. In oat milk contains high nutritional content will help you supplement nutrition, improve the health of yourself and your family.

What Is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is a plant-based milk that can be used by vegetarians or as a substitute for animal milk to supplement nutrients for the body. Oat milk is made from two main ingredients: oats and sugar. The cereal ingredient will give you a delicious drink, which can be used as oat milk for babies, the elderly or the newcomer.

How To Make Oat Milk Nourishing

Ingredients For Oat Milk

How To Make Oat Milk

Step 1: Soak Oats

You can choose whole-grain or flat-rolled oats for your preference. Note should choose to buy oats of famous brands, clear origin to ensure quality.

Soak the oats in water to soften them (Photo: Internet)

Place the oats in the pot, fill with water to double the amount of oats, cover the pot and soak for 4 hours. If you have time, you can soak it overnight to allow the oats to bloom evenly, making it easier to extract the flavor.

Step 2: Blending Oats for Milk Cooking

After the oats are soaked, wash them with water several times to clean them, then put them in a blender, cover with a little water, and puree the ingredients.

Next, you add the pureed mixture, filter it through a cloth bag to remove the oat flesh. The oatmeal you can make use of to make smoothies, baked goods or bread is also very delicious.

Puree and filter for oat milk (Photo: Internet)

Step 3: Cooking Nutritious Oat Milk

You put oat milk in a pot, put on the stove over medium heat until the milk boils for about 3 minutes, add sugar, stir and turn off the heat.

How to make oat milk for babies or adults can be used. Alternatively, you can combine oats with other ingredients to increase the nutrition of your milk. For example, you can vary with how to make lotus seed oat milk, chia oat milk, black sesame oat milk, sweet potato oat milk. The above ingredients just need to softly soak and puree with oats. Particularly with chia seeds, you soak in water to hatch and then enjoy with the cooked oat milk!

Oat milk is very suitable for children and the elderly (Photo: Internet)

How To Store Oat Milk

Oat milk can be enjoyed hot or cold. If you want to store milk overnight, let it cool, put it in a glass bottle, cover it tightly and put it in the refrigerator cooler. Homemade milk does not use chemicals, so the storage time is short, you should use up the milk within 3 days after cooking to ensure that nutrition is not lost.

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Note Making Oat Milk

  • You can reduce the amount of sugar according to your taste. You can also replace sugar with honey which will add nutrients to your drink.
  • Milk should be stored in a glass bottle, refrigerator cooler with temperature from 4 – 6 degrees C, not to mix with other foods, it will easily make the milk smell or cross-contamination.

What Does Oats Do? Why Should Use Oat Milk

According to experts, in oat milk contains the following nutritional components: energy: 130 calories, fat: 2.5 grams, protein: 4 grams, carbohydrates: 24 grams, sugar: 19 grams, sodium: 115mg … Each cup of milk Oats also provide about 35% of the calcium and 10% of the iron the body needs each day.

Oats contain many essential nutrients for the body (Image: Internet)

The effects of oat milk are very rich, specifically:

Alternative For Wheat

Many babies with pasta allergies can use oats instead to enrich their diets and provide more nutrients for their healthy development.

Prevent Apples Constipation

Oats are rich in fiber, good for digestion, and help enhance the intestinal function of nutrient absorption. Fiber also helps to remove residual waste in the digestive system, prevent constipation and some other digestive ailments.

Enhances Immunity

According to research by scientists, oats contain a type of sugar beta-glucans. This type of sugar works to enhance the production of immune cells, has the function of preventing the invasion of bacteria, harmful viruses for the body. Children and the elderly are two subjects with poor immune systems, so drink oat milk regularly.

Reducing Inflammation and Inflammation

Oats contain the compound avenanthramides. This is a compound that reduces inflammation, eliminates swelling caused by infections and many other causes …

Which Type of Oats Should Be Used For Baby

There are different types of oats on the market today, namely:

  • Whole oats: Oats that have not undergone any pre-processing process should retain 100% of their nutrition but have a long cooking time.
  • Chopped oats: are oats that are cut from whole oats. Due to being chopped, the cooking time is faster.
  • Rolled oats: These are steamed oats that are steamed, rolled flat, then chopped, used quite commonly and fast processing time saves time.
  • Instant oats: Oats have gone through a lot of processing, you just need to add boiling water to use.
  • Raw oatmeal: the oatmeal is ground into a powder from whole oats, retaining nutrition and fast cooking time, so it is suitable for use with baby meals.
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Should choose chopped oats for babies to use (Photo: Internet)

So what kind of oats should you use for your baby? According to nutrition experts, chopped oats, rolled oats, and oatmeal are suitable for use by your baby. In particular, chopped oats are encouraged to use more because the raw materials have not been processed and are chopped, so it ensures nutrition and saves processing time.

Some Other Oat Foods

In addition to oat milk, you can add to the menu other oatmeal dishes such as oat cake, vegetable oat soup, shrimp oat porridge, oatmeal porridge …

You can make another dish from oats (Image: Internet)

The ways to store oats are as follows: place unused oats in a plastic bag or plastic / glass jar with a lid, tightly closed, and in a cool, dry place!

So Teaching Asian and European Blends has guided you how to make oat milk delicious and nutritious. Apply our recipe and cook your own milk at home to have a healthy drink for the whole family! Next, invite you to refer to how to make lotus seed milk for your baby with nutritional supplements.

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