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How To Make A Healthy Honey Ginger Tea

Quite familiar and popular but not everyone knows how to make honey ginger tea Yes, keeping many essential nutrients for health. With Recipe for making ginger tea with honey That Asia Europe Brewing Teaching below shares, you have a more perfect drink, not only attractive, delicious, but also effective in taking care of the family’s health.

Honey ginger tea is good for health (Photo: Internet)

Ingredients to make honey ginger tea

  • 1 pack of tea bags
  • 1 ginger root
  • 3 teaspoons of honey
  • ½ lemon
  • 90 degrees C hot water
  • Tools: cup, cup, glass bottle, stirring spoon, pot, stove …

You can use fresh ginger or dried ginger powder to make drinks (Photo: Internet)

How to make honey ginger tea for weight loss

Prepare ginger

First, you scrape the ginger peel, wash it and then slice it into pomegranate seeds, leaving 3 slices of ginger to add to the tea glass. Put the ginger seeds in a pot, add 200ml, boil until boiling, lower the heat and let it sit for about 20 minutes to reduce the spicy taste, the nutrients in the ginger are extracted.

Ginger juice to make tea (Photo: Internet)

Heat tea bags

Ginger water has boiled you to reduce the temperature to 80 – 90 degrees C then use it to brake the tea.

Put the tea bag in a glass cup, add 100ml of ginger water, brew the tea for about 10 minutes to extract the juice, then remove the body.

Make a simple honey ginger tea

Add honey, lemon juice to ginger tea, stir well, add 1-2 slices of fresh ginger and enjoy.

Honey ginger tea is a hot drink. However, you can also drink it cold by adding a teaspoon of honey and then ice!

Honey helps increase the nutritional value of the drink (Photo: Internet)

Tip: If you want to have honey ginger tea right away to drink in the morning without spending much time cooking ginger juice, you can soak fresh ginger with pure honey and store in the refrigerator first.

According to the 1: 1 mixing ratio, you stir the ginger and honey in a glass bottle and leave it at room temperature for several hours. Then you store in the refrigerator until the ginger is soaked with honey can be used to prepare. For each preparation, make tea bags with hot water and add 1-2 teaspoons of ginger honey, stir and enjoy. If you like the sour taste, add some lemon juice.

What is the effect of drinking honey ginger tea?

What is the effect of drinking ginger water? Gordon Baltuch, a medical expert, professor of Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania, pointed out that “too much plaque buildup from bad cholesterone causes Alzheimer’s disease, also known as dementia. Meanwhile, ginger is a substance that works to reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, limit the formation of plaque and reduce stress, increase memory “.

Scientific studies also show that ginger contains a lot of vitamin C, amino acids, calcium, zinc, phosphorus … beneficial for the body. Ginger alone has many effects, while combined with honey and lemon juice, this drink is considered a “panacea”.

Ginger contains many compounds that are good for the body (Image: Internet)

In addition, you can drink ginger juice for weight loss. Ginger contains Gingerol and Shogaol. These two compounds have the ability to increase the pH of the stomach and reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, enhance the function of nutrient absorption, convert excess fat into energy for the body to function. Therefore, drinking honey ginger tea is also an effective weight loss method. For the maximum effect of the drink, you should reduce the amount of honey added!

Is it good to drink ginger water every day? Drinking water from ginger every day helps the body strengthen resistance, treat cough, runny nose … You should drink 1 glass of ginger juice every day in the morning.

Although it is known as a natural medicine and a panacea, not everyone who uses honey ginger tea is good. You should note how to drink ginger juice properly as follows: do not use ginger honey tea at night, not for people with heatstroke, high fever, do not drink when having stomach pain, pregnant women (especially half end of pregnancy) and lactating women… should also not consume this hot drink.

So, how to make honey ginger tea and how to drink ginger tea shared above. Hope this information will help you get a delicious, nutritious beverage for your body. Let’s start to prepare a cup of honey ginger tea to enjoy and do not forget to share this method with your friends and relatives! In addition to making honey ginger juice, you can refer to how to make honey chamomile tea to enjoy with your family.

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