How to make 3 types of Detox from apples effectively lose weight

How to make 3 types of Detox from apples effectively lose weight

In countless ways to make weight loss drinks, detox from apples will be suitable suggestions for those who want to lose weight. Detox apple can be combined with many other fruits and vegetables. Today, Asian Brewing Room will share you 3 How to make detox from apples lose weight effectively.

Detox apple – effective weight loss

Detox tools need to prepare: Knives, cutting boards, detox jars …

Detox orange apple


  • Orange: 2 – 3 fruits
  • Apples: 2 fruits
  • Purified water: 1 liter

How to make detox apple orange

Step 1: Process materials

  • Orange: wash the skin with water, then use a knife to cut into thin slices about 0.5 cm.
  • Apples: Rinse, cut off the stalk and slice thinly like oranges.
You can add cinnamon to flavor detox apples (Image: Internet)

Step 2: You add all the thinly sliced ​​oranges and apples in 1 liter of water. Soak for about 30 minutes and put in the refrigerator to store.

After 1-2 hours you can enjoy. Every time you use, you should cover tightly and put in the refrigerator cooler.

Detox apple kiwi orange


  • Orange: 1 – 2 fruits
  • Apples: 2 fruits
  • Kiwi: 2 fruits
  • Purified water: 1 liter

How to make a detox apple kiwi orange

Step 1: Preliminary processing of ingredients for making detox

  • Orange: wash off the dirt on the skin, slice it thin.
  • Kiwi: peeled, sliced.
  • Apples: washed, sliced.
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Step 2: Prepare detox from apples

Orange kiwi apple, or blueberry orange apple are all healthy detoxification (Image: Internet)

Put all the fruit in a jar and pour about 1 liter of water. You soak the mixture for about 30 minutes and store in the refrigerator. After 1-2 hours you can drink.

Detox cucumber apple


  • Lemon: 1 fruit
  • Celery: 50gr
  • Green apple: 200gr
  • Cucumber: 300ml
  • Water

How to make detox from apples to lose weight

Step 1: Process materials

  • Lemon: washed, cut into round pieces.
  • Celery: washed, cut into pieces, you should take more of the stem because the leaves will easily make detox water waterlogged.
  • Green apples: wash, stalk and slice thin.
  • Cucumber: washed, shredded along thin pieces.

Step 2: You put the ingredients in the jar one by one. Arrange each detox ingredient in layers and fill the bottle with water. Similar to the above detox types, you soak for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator before using them.

Detox cucumber apple and celery are easy to drink, help with weight loss and detoxify the body

Some notes when making apple detox

Apples are a nutritious and healthy fruit. However, apples have a big downside: it is easy to darken the inner flesh if you leave the apple in the air for too long. To treat apples not to go black will help the drink look beautiful, as well as the flavor of the apple to be retained for longer.

  • You can use green apple or red apple.
  • The fruit is washed off the skin. Because of some fruits, you will keep the skin to make detox. The shell contains many healthy nutrients.
  • You can choose purified water, cooking base water … to prepare detox that has more uses.
  • You should choose the right fruits and vegetables to combine. Do not choose fruit that has a strong smell, or is easily soluble in water such as durian, banana, tomato …
Preliminary processing of apples before preparing will help retain flavor, minerals, and color

When should I drink detox apples?

Depending on the type of detox that you drink will be different. Usually, detox should only drink during the day and maintain the habit of drinking for about 1 week, 1 month will work. In addition, you should not drink detox in the morning on an empty stomach. Some people have stomach pain, and detox has a sour taste that will make their stomach rumble.

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The appropriate time to drink detox is after eating, drinking instead of water. When you finish the soaking water for the first time, you can add it to the mixture and continue drinking until it tastes light.

When you first start taking detox, you should choose a period of 3-5 days for the body to adapt. Then you gradually increase the time.

Uses of detox from apples

Apple is a fruit that reduces bad cholesterol in the body, prevents a number of diseases of the heart and blood pressure. With the fiber, vitamins, minerals and calories in the apple will help the body develop healthy, support effective weight loss process. Moreover, when you combine vegetables, other fruits with apples are also very easy. Especially the use will be duplicated and supplemented the body with sources of energy, nutrients, and beneficial minerals.

Just from simple home ingredients, you can make 3 – 4 types detox apples interesting. Also, you can learn how to do detox Professional standards, how to combine fruit, properly cook detox juice at Detox Symposium at Teaching European Mix.

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