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How to drink water is the right way?

How to drink water the right way?

According to the guidance documents of the Mayo Clinic Medical Research Institute (USA), drinking water must also know how to drink properly, if not drink properly, it can be harmful to health.

How much water is enough to drink?

If you drink too much water, you will need to urinate a lot, putting pressure on the kidneys. Too much water accumulates in the body to dilute the electrolytes in the blood, leading to hyponatremia. In addition, excess water can cause swelling or swelling of the brain, especially respiratory function and muscle control. This is also one of the causes of water intoxication.

In addition, when your body lacks water, you will also face many risks. Which is ugly because your skin will be dry, your hair will be brittle; Diseases such as constipation, kidney stones will also visit in turn … Under normal body conditions, every day you need to provide 40ml of water per kg of body, an average of 1.5 -2 liters of drinking water per day. day. On the contrary, if you drink too little water, it will lead to an undesirable outcome. 70% of our body weight is water, so when the body is dehydrated, you will experience headache, fatigue, and slow response. If the body loses up to 20% of its water, it will lead to death.

When should drink water?

6-7 hours: After a night’s sleep, your body will really need water. Drink a glass as soon as you wake up to help cleanse the liver and kidneys. Don’t rush to eat breakfast at least half an hour after drinking water, let the water seep into every cell in your body.

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8-9 hours: Moving to work in the morning definitely puts you under a lot of stress and dehydrates your body. Drink a glass of water when you come to work to refresh your body to start working.

12 o’clock: Drinking water after lunch is not only good for digestion but also helps you keep in shape.11 o’clock: After a few hours working in a closed office, the heat from the office machine and the stuffy air dry out your skin. Drink water to keep your body moist and relieve work stress.

15-16 hours: Working hours in the afternoon, many people feel sleepy and cannot focus on work. Getting up and drinking a glass of water will help you regain your balance.

17 o’clock: A glass of water before leaving the office will help you feel less hungry and tired. This is especially good for evening dieters.

22 o’clock: Drinking water half an hour to an hour before bed will help the body prevent the risk of blood clots.

6 no when drinking water

Do not drink the boiled water again and again because there is a small amount of unhealthy heavy metals such as lead, cadimium, nitrate … when the water is reheated many times, the steam evaporates many times. content of the above substances increased. When absorbed in the body will be harmful.

Do not drink much water before going to bed because you will have to urinate, your urinary system will have to work tired and of course you will not sleep well. You should limit drinking water after 18 hours and if you do, drink it 45 minutes to 1 hour before bed.

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Do not drink carbonated soft drinks instead of water because there are many substances that are harmful to your health if you drink too much. In addition, it also makes you fat.

Do not drink water while eating because it increases the volume of your stomach, your digestive system must also work harder, which is very harmful.

Do not drink water immediately after heavy exercise or exercise because drinking water will put pressure on the heart and affect the heart. Ideally, you should drink slowly and drink it in small sips.

Do not drink cooled boiled water for more than two days. Boiled water should be stored in a quality filter and drink it all day the best.

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