How To Detox Cucumber Apple Drink For A Cool Body

detox táo dưa leo

Apples and cucumbers are the two most commonly used foods in the diet. When used alone, these two ingredients have effective weight loss effects and when combined, the weight loss effect has been doubled. So, learn how to make cucumber apple detox with delicious taste, easy to drink and good for health!

Detox cucumber apple is an effective weight loss, body cleansing drink

Detox is one of the methods of health care that many people apply. When the body works for a long time, the pressure on organs is high, the effects of environmental pollution, the use of dirty food and greasy processed foods all have negative effects on health. The use of detox drinks will help the body detoxify, purify the body, you will feel your body more comfortable, healthier after detox drinking.

In the process of using detox, you can apply a variety of different ingredients to make detox. This will help you change your taste buds, don’t get bored, and different ingredients with different uses will help balance your health. Continuing the series of articles on how to make a simple detox, today, Teaching A European Mixture shares with you how to make a detox cucumber apple. This drink will help you purify the body, detoxify and lose weight effectively!

Ingredients For Making Cucumber Apple Detox

  • 50gr of cucumber
  • 200gr green apple
  • 50gr of fresh lemon
  • 50gr celery
  • 50ml lemon syrup
  • 300ml purified water
  • Ice
  • Tools: planing knife, cutting board, glass vase …

Ingredients for detox

How To Make Cucumber Apple Detox Simple

Prepare the ingredients

For lemons, you can choose seedless lemons to save time on processing. If you choose a regular lemon, be sure to remove the seeds before using them to avoid bitterness. Lemons you wash, drain and then slice thin to help lemons extract flavors and nutrients easier.

Celery selects large stalks, washed, drained, selects short stalks. The leaves you can keep to decorate the drink beautifully.

Both green or red apples can be used in detox. In this recipe, we prefer to use green apples so that the colors blend well with other ingredients. Apples soaked in dilute salt water, drain, keep the skin and slice thinly to taste.

Wash cucumbers, use knife to slice into thin slices to extract nutrients from ingredients faster.

Grate the cucumber into thin slices for easy nutrient extraction

Make Cucumber Apple Detox Water

The way to make detox juice is very simple, for every ingredient in the jar, you add a layer of ice, so on until the ingredients are out. Finally, you add 50ml lemon syrup to create flavor and aroma for the drink, pour in 300ml of purified water, leave two hours to enjoy detox.

Add ingredients to the jar and add purified water

You can make your own lemon syrup at home to use for the next time as follows: cut the lemon into pieces and squeeze the juice, do not squeeze too hard to avoid the essential oils in the lemon peel extract making the juice bitter. Next, you add sugar to lemon juice according to the ratio of 2 parts sugar, 1 part lemon juice, stir until the ingredients are dissolved, put in a glass jar, cover and use for many times.

You should drink detox water in the morning, before meals will bring better results. With How to make apple cucumber detox This, you can do detox from the night before, not add ice cubes but instead store in the refrigerator cooler. The next morning, there is a cool and nutritious drink for you to use. Next, invite you to refer to how to make a detox lemon pineapple effectively lose weight.

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