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How to cook delicious and delicious cheap pineapple bean milk at home

Instead of the usual way to cook soy milk, you can combine it pandan leaf soy milk for a more intense fragrance. The faint smell of pineapple leaves helps calm your mood too. Soybeans are one of the types of beans that have good health benefits. Unlike other beans that normally cook tea, soybeans become a delicious milk dish that provides many nutrients.

Pineapple leaf soymilk is also an ideal summer cooling drink

Today, Eurasian Mixing Teaching shares soy milk recipes so that they are delicious and keep the rich and rich soy flavor. Combine with pineapple leaves (sticky leaves) for a new and unique flavor. When finished cooking, the scent of the kitchen scent will also make your mood feel good. Please take care of your family with nutritious drinks and natural skin beauty with soy milk.

Ingredients For Mixed Soybean Milk With Pandan Leaves

  • Soy: 500 grams.
  • 1 handful of pineapple leaves.
  • Water.
  • Sugar: 20 grams.
  • 1 pinch of salt.
  • Tools: Blender, pot, milk bottle, sieve.

How to Cook Pineapple Soymilk Simple At Home

Step 1: First you choose to clean beans, put in a pot of water about 4-5 cm. Stir gently to clean, then pour the water away, add new water. Soak the beans for about 6 hours until the beans are large and plump. Clean and allow the beans to drain.

Step 2: The pandan leaves are washed and cut into small pieces.

Step 3: Put beans and pandan leaves in the blender, fill with water to 2/3 of the jar. Blend well the mixture. Then, pour the mixture through the sieve to extract the water. Rinse the jar through water to clean. Keep the part, put back in the jar with 2/3 of the water bowl and continue to puree and sieve.

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Step 4: Put the bean juice mixture into the pot, bring to a boil and let it simmer. When the milk is hot and starts to scum on the surface, add a little salt, add sugar to taste, melt the sugar and enjoy.

Tip: For a faster and more effective sieve, you should use 1 large sterile milk towel as a sieve, then use your hand to squeeze the water out.

Enjoy a glass of pandan soymilk with a few crackers or muffins … providing all the necessary nutrients to start your day full of energy. If you like to drink a little sweeter, you can add a little sugar or rock sugar! In addition, you can refer to some other beautiful skin drinks recipes at Asian European Mixing Teaching.

Wish you success and deliciousness!

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