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How To Cook Cane Painting Root Water To Wipe The Heat Detoxification Bar

Long time folk have found out how to cook sugar cane root juice Beverages. Later, this type of water was also discovered to have a magical effect on body heat. At all times of the year, especially in the hot season, cane cane root juice is one of the favorite body-cooling drinks. Knowing how to make sugar cane root juice with only 3 simple steps will help you feel secure in your body.

Living in harmony with nature, Vietnamese people from ancient times know how to take advantage of the plants in their home gardens to do many different things. The farmer only needs to take the basket to the garden once to have a basket of vegetables to eat or a bunch of leaves to feel the solution. Not stopping there, herbs such as picturesque roots, sugar cane, corn stubble, pineapple leaves, … have also been discovered and become irreplaceable ingredients for cooling water.

The roots are ivory-white. There are many wrinkles along the body and many burns. According to Oriental Medicine, the root of the picture has welding properties, which have outstanding effects as diuretic and detoxifying for the body. Sugarcane has many burns, when using water, you wash it, remove the roots and tops, only take the hard stem. Sugarcane has a sweet, gentle taste, so it’s both refreshing and refreshing.

Sugar cane root juice can be stored for 4-5 days if refrigerated. So, on weekends you can cook a big pot, put in bottles in the refrigerator to use gradually.

Sugar cane root juice is sweet and easy to drink (Photo: Internet)

The use of cane reed:

Sugar cane has a sweet taste, is average; has the effect of cooling and watering. Herbalists believe that sugar cane juice helps refreshment, laxative, detox, cool heart, laxative treatment, tonic damage, urinate.
Uses, indications and coordination: Cane cane is used in Yunnan province to treat heat and illnesses that can damage new epidemics, thirst, thirsty percentile, coughing due to dry lungs, constricted defecation, oropharynx swelling, pain, pregnancy, edema.

Ingredients for cooking sugar cane root juice

  • 300 gr of picture roots.
  • 4 – 5 pieces of cane wipe.
  • 300gr pineapple leaves.
  • 500gr of rock sugar.
  • 2 – 3 liters of water.
  • Tools: Large pot, cup.

Steps to Cook Sugar Cane Root Water Cooking:

Step 1: All ingredients are washed and then cooked with 2-3 liters of water. You add the ingredients at the same time as the lighter does not wait until the water is boiling to put in.

Step 2: After the water boils for 10-15 minutes, take out the dead roots, cane, and pineapple leaves to go out.

Step 3: Crushed alum sugar, then put it in a pot, use patch to stir until the sugar dissolves, then turn off the heat.

Ingredients for cooking sugar cane root juice (Photo: Internet)

Sugar cane root juice after cooking to cool, can be used with ice or in the refrigerator compartment to use gradually.

Cool water is very good for the body, helping to clear heat, detoxify, and diuretic. However, if used continuously for a long time, it can imbalance the body’s electrolyte balance, inhibiting the absorption of some important micronutrients such as Potassium, Calcium.

If possible, you can add to the pot of sugar cane root juice to wipe other ingredients such as corn stubble, psyllium, … These herbs all have similar detoxifying properties, so when combined with Each other produces a cool water that is unmatched.

Sugar cane root juice has a sweet sweet taste from sugar cane, sugar alum, the natural aroma of picturesque roots and pineapple leaves to help you feel comfortable. On a hot day, if you take the trouble to cook a pot of cool water, you can both save money on drinking water while keeping your body in balance. Especially, with the current food safety and hygiene news, home-made drinking water is always the top priority. Do not let the name of drinking cool water, detox water, but in fact is still bringing “toxins” into the body.

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