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How much juice is enough to drink? – How much juice?

If 10 people started drinking the juice then 9.5 people would have this question sooner or later. People who initiate a change in their diet, if different from the way they still do, not to say whether they eat well before, will often have hundreds of questions and doubts.

Ok, drinking juice is good, it should become a daily habit, blah blah long term… But how many ml of juice per day should I drink?

First we should separate juice purpose. If you juice cleanse / juice fast, or replace the juice as a meal (although I do not recommend that you do this for a long time, at most in a few days period), the amount of juice you drink should naturally be different if You drink additional maintenance juice into your daily diet.

Second, before you find your answer, ask: “How many bowls of rice should we eat every meal?”

Does anyone give a standard amount of rice or standard food? Is anyone’s standard the same as someone’s? Or each of our bodies is a unique and unique individual. Does anyone understand our bodies by ourselves? I can only share my own facts, for example, I eat 1 bowl of rice per meal, some meals 1 have 0 or 0.5 bowls, some meals are only vegetables, some meals are only 1 bowl of soup … etc And boundless, because each time, each person, each situation will have different choices. We eat until we feel full! Even more than no! Correct, right? (realizing it is too late, a lot when we eat too much what the body needs J)

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But do I still need a reference amount?

Many sources of information from Western websites say 400-500ml maintained per day, and 2-4 liters / day if juice cleanse (ie do not eat only drink juice), or some will recommend 1 -2 bottles maintain daily, or 6 bottles per day for juice cleanse (1 bottle is 300ml).

There is a place to look at the calorie numbers – for example FDA’s recommended daily intake – Recommended average calorie intake: a person needs to consume an average of 2,000 calories including 300g of carbohydrates, 25g of fiber per day, and then calculate the amount of carbohydrates per bottle of juice to get the number of bottles to drink.

All numbers are relative! The best standard of measurement is your own body. Eat / drink, feel it, be aware of your own reaction. All numbers are relative. I repeat again.

As for me, I maintain 1-2 bottles of 300ml / day. One bottle before breakfast 30p-60p, and one bottle in the afternoon 3-4pm. That is average. Of course there are days and days, depending on mood and conditions. Each time I do not drink more than 500ml, because of course drinking more will fill my stomach, so dividing 250-300ml each time for me is the most reasonable. If you are more thirsty / hungry, drink more, if you don’t need it, drink less, that’s all.

Your body knows what it needs, how much juice it needs. It will let you know if you listen. Learn ways to communicate with your own body, and as you begin to trust yourself, you will have the answers to every question.

Happy juicing!

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