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Helping children form healthy eating habits

Helping children form healthy eating habits

Today, the number of obese children is increasing due to the habit of using ready-made food with excess energy. Being overweight, obesity is the cause of many diseases in the long term. So, how to build a healthy eating habit with children?

Eat a variety of foods

To be able to grow and move every day, the human body needs a lot of nutrients. No food is completely full of all the nutrients needed by the body. Especially with young children. Each type of food contains a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, let’s practice for children to have diverse eating habits, change and coordinate with many foods.

A nutritious meal has all the following 4 food groups:

Starch supply group (sugar): Grains: rice, corn, potatoes, cassava, noodles,… are the main energy source and main in meals. Grains provide B vitamins, especially vitamin B1

Protein supply group: Contains essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize. Animal proteins from meat, fish, eggs, milk, … usually have all the necessary amino acids in a balanced ratio. The opposite plant proteins come mainly from seeds: beans, sesame, peanuts

Fat groups: Contained in cooking oil, fat, peanuts, sesame, … is a source of energy and fatty acids for the body.

The group provides vitamins and minerals: Includes green vegetables and fruits. This is the main source of vitamins and minerals for the body. Yellow and red vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin A. Dark green vegetables such as spinach, water spinach, and pumpkin vegetables provide more vitamin C, iron and calcium.

Develop for children eating habits with a reasonable diet to help them develop healthy

Vegetables and fruits are very valuable sources of fiber for the body. This fiber can lower cholesterol, helping the body regulate blood sugar. Strong atherosclerotic effect.

Basic daily nutritional needs:

Energy needs: Children are often very active so they need a lot of energy. Energy needs are the most important in a child’s diet. When they have enough energy, they are basically full. Finished, when the child eats full, it is also important to consider the balance of the serving.

The total amount of energy in the diet includes carbohydrates, proteins and lipids (starches, proteins and fats). There are also vitamins and minerals. At different ages, energy needs are also different. Below is a table of nutritional needs for Vietnamese people, approved by the Ministry of Health in 2016. Which details and specifically regulates nutritional needs for each age group, age group.

Refer to the School Child Nutrition Diet Table for building healthy eating habits

The monitoring of parents and relatives

In addition to paying attention to a nutritious menu at home, parents also need to know their child’s menu in boarding meals at school. Regularly check the boarding meals to ensure food hygiene and safety and nutrition. Children should be educated and taught foods that are good and unhealthy.

Encourage your child to eat nutritious foods instead of just eating what they like

At this age, please limit the use of canned foods and snacks, fast food for children. Canned foods and drinks often have an excess of sugar, salt and fat, which is completely unhealthy for children. In addition, parents should also encourage and persuade children to eat a variety of green vegetables and fruits, Drink water every day instead of using bottled soft drinks, which are widely sold in the market today.

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