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Hard water harms and 5 ways to soften hard water for you

Hard water causes certain troubles in life. How to stop? What principles and methods of hard water softening are in use today?

The harmful effects of hard water

Hard water is water with a high content of calcium, magnesium,…. As of now, there is no confirmation of the danger of drinking hard water. But the manifestations of the harmful effects of hard water on daily activities have existed.

Dirty on furniture and water equipment

Faucets, showers, kettle bottoms, coffee maker bottoms, dishwashers, etc. can all be contaminated with hard water. Not only do they lose their aesthetics, they also make your drink and food less flavorful.

Ultrafiltration water purifier - indispensable device in every home

Ultrafiltration water purifier – indispensable device in every home

Hard water causes dry skin, and hair dries up more easily

Excess calcium and magnesium in the water can harden your skin and hair. Hair falls off easily, skin is easily damaged.

Clothes fade

Hard water also affects your washing machine, reducing the soap’s ability to foam, reducing its ability to clean. Hard water discolored your clothes much faster than treated water. They are even easier and quicker than usual.

These are the typical harmful effects of hard water. Also, the water tank can become clogged with hard water, and the sink can become dirty quickly. All of these cost us a lot of work to repair and clean. That is also why we should find ways to soften hard water.

The harmful effects of hard water

The harmful effects of hard water

Level water hardness:

Hardness CaCO3 parts per million (mg / l) Classify
0 – 50 Soft water
51 – 100 Moderately soft
101 – 150 The water is a bit hard
151 – 200 Medium hardness
201 – 300 Hard water
More than 300 The water is very hard
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Conventional water is in the form of 100 – 300 mg / l.

Principle of softening hard water

The principle of hard water softening is to reduce the concentration of cation (Ca 2+, Mg 2+) in hard water. To do this, it is common to convert these free cations into insoluble compounds (precipitation method). Or replace these cations with others (ion exchange method).

How to soften hard water


Using heat to promote HCO3 to CO2 precipitate with Ca 2+ and Mg 2+ radicals. From there, magnesium and calcium ions are removed. However, this method only softens temporarily hard water, not completely handling the water hardness.

Since it is hard water, the boiling temperature will be lower than the boiling point of normal water. For maximum softening, boil for a few more minutes than usual. It also increases the complete reactivity of HCO3 salt.

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Ion exchange

This is the method used mainly to ensure the quality of living. The principle is to use sodium ions, potassium covered with ion exchange resins instead of the positive ions calcium and magnesium.

The advantage of this method is that iron can be removed. However, with this filtration system, it should be cleaned regularly. To replace water softener ions were used and the ion removal in hard water was replaced.

The method is cheap from investment cost to operating cost. So this can be considered the most common method.

Ion exchange resin beads

Ion exchange resin beads


This is a method for industrial hard water softeners. This method will mix different chemicals into the water to combine with Ca 2+, Mg 2+ to form water-soluble compounds. In order to use it, it will be less likely to stick on the boiler tube wall.

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Water purifier

Currently all water purifiers on the market have the ability to soften hard water. Typically 2 lines of NANO and RO machines, they are also the series that occupy the majority of the market. Before choosing a water purifier you can see the article “Buy NANO or RO”

Automatic water softener

The automatic water softener is one of the most optimal hard water softening solutions available today. It is used in many projects, projects, especially in factories, factories related to heat, boilers, continuous use of water.

And through the experiments, the automatic water softener has shown its excellent ability to soften hard water. Regardless of temporary hard water, permanent hard water, just hard water – automatic water softeners can handle it.

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