Habits that cause cancer a lot of people have

Habits that cause cancer a lot of people have

There are about 200 different types of cancer in the human body. In 2015, around 90.5 million people worldwide had cancer. Each year, 14.1 million new cases are discovered (excluding skin cancer). It caused 8.8 million deaths, accounting for 15.7% of all deaths.

Here are 8 habits that inadvertently lead to cancer that many people do not know:

The rate of smokers with cancer is 7-11 times higher than that of non-smokers. Statistics show that more than 30% of cases of lung cancer, throat cancer, esophageal cancer … are closely related to smoking.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, there are more than 5,700 chemical components found in cigarette smoke, of which there are more than 70 carcinogens, such as Benzene, Ethylene Oxide, Vinyl Chloride, Arsenic ( arsenic), …

When entering the body, the carcinogens in tobacco smoke will be metabolized and cause cancer by many different mechanisms. For example, binding to the genome causes genetic mutations; attaching to the cell membrane disturbs cell growth. Or provoking an inflammatory process that leads to abnormal blood vessel proliferation and the development of cancer.

2. Less physical exercise

Many health experts believe that inactivity, or sitting for a long time, will make some parts of the body more susceptible to cancer. Research results show that the conduct of regular, regular exercise and sports can prevent cancer for some body parts, such as colon cancer …

Did you know, worldwide, each year at least 135,000 cancer deaths are identified as due to sedentary. Some cancers can be mentioned as colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer … In particular, sedentary lifestyle is closely related to colon cancer. One in 10 people with colon cancer is due to inactivity.

3. Drink alcohol, beer and alcoholic beverages

Any alcoholic drink, beer, wine or spirits, coupled with increased intake, cancers of the teeth, jaw, mouth, throat cancer also increased proportionally.

According to WHO, when using alcohol, 95% alcohol is converted through the liver to become new compounds, under the effect of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, alcohol is oxidized to acetaldehyde – a substance that proliferates cancer cells by how to attack DNA. In addition, the more alcohol you drink, the more acetaldehyde levels in your saliva increase, contributing to DNA damage in the cells of the oral mucosa, throat, esophagus, and respiratory tract.

Alcohol also increases the absorption of carcinogens into the body such as smoking; stimulates the body to produce highly reactive molecules that damage DNA cells, which in turn leads to cancer. Alcohol also directly causes cirrhosis and liver cancer.

4. Use sugar-sweetened beverages regularly

Sugar-sweetened beverages provide energy to the body, making it easy to drink a lot. Putting so much sugar into the body will all lead to obesity. Obesity is one of the culprits that cause cancer.

Foods with a high glycemic index, usually contain rapidly absorbed glucose. After eating these foods, blood glucose levels spike very quickly, but also fall shortly thereafter.

Foods with a low glycemic index, when ingested, the blood sugar level is steadily raised, and also slowly drops to help keep a steady source of energy. More beneficial for health and brain.

According to the results of the study, people who consumed foods with the highest glycemic index were 88% more likely to develop prostate cancer.

5. Eat too few fresh vegetables and fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruits are effective in reducing the incidence of various types of cancer, such as throat cancer, esophageal cancer … Health experts recommend that at least 400g of other vegetables and fruits per day should be eaten. each other, preferably red, green, yellow, purple …

Research shows that quercetin – a compound in many vegetables has anti-cancer properties, especially eye cancer, according to naturalnews. Flavonol in the Quercetin compound found in fruits and vegetables exhibits anti-cancer activity. Fight a wide range of cancers, including lung, cervix, prostate, breast and colon.

6. Eat too much meat

Eating foods high in meat for a long time can cause the risk of pancreatic cancer, milk gland cancer, and prostate cancer. Best to eat only under 500g of meat per week. Also limit the intake of processed meats.

“If we overdo a food that provides a lot of protein – red meats – it can easily lead to an excess of protein or saturated fat. This is entirely likely to cause cancer risk. Besides, the way of processing red meat (pig, beef, buffalo, goat, horse, sheep) is often associated with frying, stir-frying, or baking, which easily leads to excess fat. In addition, the roasting process also causes cancer-causing substances.

7. Eat a lot of salt

Salt and salted foods increase your risk of stomach cancer. The amount of salt that the body absorbs daily must be limited to less than 6g.

8. Lack of nutrition from breast milk

Breastfeeding can help reduce the incidence of breast and ovarian cancer before a woman enters menopause. Besides, breast milk also works to prevent obesity in children and reduce the rate of cancer in the future.


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