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Here are the basics you will need to start juicing:


To make juice, you should really have a juicer, and really should have a GOOD juicer. Choosing which presses or how much to invest depends on many factors. If you have had a disposable juicer for a long time and do not remember what you mean, it is time to take it out and make use of it. However a good press will help you a lot and your experience with juicing will also be better.

Once again I want to affirm, if you really want to get the best out of juice, invest. The order of priority is here:

– The best slow press in your maximum budget: about 5-7 million or more
– Mid-range slow presses: at least 3-4 million (Do not waste money to buy slow presses 1-2 million)
– Centrifugal presses: Normally, the centrifugal press has a softer price, but produces the quality of the juice and the ability to preserve vitamins in the water is lower, maybe 2-3 million. However, according to some independent studies, which are not claimed by the slow press, the vitamin quality from the slow press or the good centrifugal press is equal. Not to mention comparing the poor press of one line to the good of the other, but between the two of the good quality. But the difference is that the nutritional quality of juice from the juicer is good and the juice from the centrifuge is bad.

– No juicer: use what you have – a good blender for example. In fact, if you still want, but the conditions are not yet, you can still use a blender, then filter through the sieve to remove the pulp to get the juice. However I do not recommend this way.

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Other blender juicer! Find out the difference between juice and smoothie in this post.


Anyway, you have to buy vegetables and fruits to eat every day, right?


Actually 15-30 minutes per day for health is not a big deal.
If you’ve ever squeezed a vegetable juice, you know it will take some of your time. This is a matter of course because you cannot sit and wait for the delicious water to pour into your mouth. Juicing requires time for washing, cutting (preparing), pressing and washing the machine (after pressing). Just like you have to cook rice every day: go to the market, wash vegetables (pre-cook), cook and wash dishes. To compare the nutritional value, it is unlikely that a meal (if not well balanced) will be more than 1-2 cups of juice. As your juice becomes more dedicated, there are plenty of tips to save that time. If you’re interested, I’ll do a post about summer tips.

But if you are lazy or do not care, you will not read here :). So I believe once you shake hands, once you have felt the benefits of the juice, once you feel like it, the other steps are not a big deal: what’s important, not just your cup of juice. drink, but the whole process, always remember: the journey is as important as the destination! Just try shaking hands first, the shyness after asthma!


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