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What to Drink Beautiful Skin? Drinks Good For Facial Skin

Currently, we consume many foods of unknown origin, overuse of drugs or cosmetics. This makes the skin more sensitive, thinner and weaker. Instead, natural skin beauty drinks will help nourish the body from the inside much more effectively.

Drinks good for skin are made from natural ingredients (Image: Internet)

Skin is a manifestation of health. A firm, healthy and beautiful skin reflects a good health. With such skin, you will also be more confident in communication and working. The simplest method to beautify from deep inside is to use drinks that are good for the face, made from natural ingredients or oral for support. Together Teaching Asian Beans to answer questions What nice skin drink and refer to some skin-healthy drinks below!

Simple White Honey Lemon Juice Easy To Make

Lemon and honey are two ingredients that are very effective in skin whitening. In addition to stimulating production, regeneration of new cells, eliminating old cells, lemon and honey also help prevent and reduce dark pigmentation causing darkening.

Lemon juice is cool and refreshing for the body (Image: Internet)


  • 1 fresh lemon
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • 400ml of filtered water


Mix lemon juice and honey with prepared water and drink during the day to feel the improvement of skin in 2 – 3 months.

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Drinks Beautiful Skin: Soy Milk

Why say soy milk is the top skin-healthy drink? You will be surprised by this popular yet effective drink. Soy milk contains vitamins A and E, these are two vitamins that effectively smooth skin and reduce scarring.


  • Soy: 100gr
  • Filtered water: 400 – 500ml
  • Tools: blender, filter bag …

Recipes for making whole soy milk at home

Step 1: Soak soybeans in water overnight. Take out beans and rinse the water and then add the beans to grind with water according to the ratio of 100gr beans and 400ml of water.

Step 2: Filter several times the ground bean juice, remove the water from the body.

Step 3: Boil the milk, add a few pineapple leaves to make a cup of pandan soymilk more delicious. If you want, you can add 1 bag of fresh milk without sugar to the cooked bean milk.

Step 4: Pour milk into a glass, add sugar and ice to your taste is complete.

When you are hungry, you should not drink soy milk instead of diet, an adult should only drink up to 500ml of soy milk a day.

Soy milk is the top skin-healthy drink (Image: Internet)

Banana Almond Smoothie, White And Healthy Skin

If there is a drink that is good for the skin, the maximum support for skin regeneration is the almond banana smoothie. This delicious drink is a combination of vegetable protein, potassium, fiber, omega 3 and calcium to help you have a bright, smooth, vibrant skin. In particular, because it contains omega 3, this is a drink suitable for those with sensitive and vulnerable skin.

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  • Banana: 1 fruit
  • Almonds: 10gr
  • Yogurt: ½ jar
  • Almond milk: 20ml

How to make an almond banana smoothie

Just use 2 peeled ripe bananas, put in a blender with ½ box of yogurt, almonds and 1 cup of almond milk, turn on the blender. Turn off the machine for the peach ice and grind for another 5 – 10 seconds to complete. Almond banana smoothies should be taken between two meals or 30 minutes before meals. Especially, instead of using cow’s milk as a smoothie, you use nut milk for a better drink for the skin.

The almond banana smoothie is suitable for those with sensitive skin (Image: Internet)

Tomato Juice Helps Smooth Pink Skin

Tomato juice is considered one of the drinks good for the skin, which is used for skin beauty. In tomatoes, beta carotene is known to help the skin fight the harmful effects of the surrounding environment. Therefore, women often pass hands on how to make tomato juice to help beautify the skin naturally and safely.

Ingredients for tomato juice

  • Tomatoes: 4 fruits
  • Sand sugar: 20gr

How to make tomato juice good for the skin: choose a medium-ripe tomato, wash it, marinate it with a little sugar and then take it for juice. Once finished, add some ice if you like and enjoy right away. Tomato juice is effective for skin whitening after meals with 2-3 cups per week.

With the proper use of beverages you can help your skin be healthier and more energetic, and the skin is not smooth.

How to make types the drink is good for the skin That Eurasian Brewing Teaching has introduced very simply, blended from easy-to-find ingredients with great use, right? Do not forget to follow the website to update many other interesting recipes.

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