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Drinking water to lose weight in the Japanese way, unbelievable but real!

Drinking water to lose weight in the Japanese way, unbelievable but real!

The Japanese are known to have a very low obesity rate and the highest life expectancy in the world. In addition to a scientific diet, they also have a habit of drinking water that is not only healthy but also helps maintain a slim, slim figure, which is considered the safest and easiest weight loss method. It sounds unbelievable, but let’s refer to the following secret to see that water weight loss really works.

Drink water the Japanese way

1. Drink water right after waking up

After waking up, the Japanese will drink about 500ml of warm water, divided into several small times, drinking slowly. Note that it must be used on an empty stomach and must not eat anything for at least 45 minutes after that. This habit thoroughly eliminates toxins and scum, helps to soothe a hungry stomach, balance digestive enzymes, so that the body is purified.

Water also makes you feel fuller, makes cravings disappear, low calorie intake helps you lose weight effectively.

2.Drink before main meals

Japanese people usually drink 2 glasses of water before main meals about 10-20 minutes and two hours after eating without drinking more water. This habit will help you eat less, become fuller faster, thereby limiting weight gain due to add too many calories to the body.

In addition, water in the stomach when hungry makes digestive enzymes more secreted, the process of consuming food, excreting toxins also accelerates and fat is not absorbed, but completely eliminated.

The habit of drinking water helps to lose weight effectively

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3. Drink warm water 2 hours before bed

Drinking warm filtered water 2 hours before bed is extremely healthy because at night is the time when the body metabolizes, eliminates toxins, regenerates new cells, eliminates strong dead cells. strongest. Not only that, adding some natural ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, honey … to the glass of water will help nourish the skin, improve physique and lose weight effectively.

In addition to regular drinking times, you need to stay hydrated whenever possible to keep your body from craving.

Some notes when performing Detox with water

Candlestick drink cold water. Drinking cold water helps to consume more energy because the body has to warm up before digesting, helping to lose weight more effectively.

Limit Drink beer, wine, soft drinks. If you drink, you must replace an equal amount of filtered water.

Limit salt intake to avoid water retention.

– People with diabetes, high blood pressure, constipation, and stomach ulcers can only perform this method for 10-30 days, then rest for about 1 month and then continue. Should consult a doctor before implementation.

– For the method to be effective, it should be done within at least 3 months. It is best to form a habit, always drink water according to a schedule so that the body is always healthy.

If you apply the right method every day, your weight can lose 4-8 kg in just 1 month. Not only that, health and beauty have also been markedly improved. Drinking enough water is inherently good, if you follow a scientific schedule, the effect is ten thousand times better.

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