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Drinking mineral water improves high blood pressure

Drinking mineral water improves high blood pressure

Drinking water containing the allowed mineral element Calcium and magnesium is a practical way to reduce high blood pressure. These are the results of a study published in the medical journal Medical News Today

Recent research has linked drinking water with higher salinity to lower blood pressure in people living in coastal Bangladesh (Asia). The drinking water in this area is subject to change in salinity due to overflowing seawater.

While water with a higher salinity is high in sodium, which can raise blood pressure, it is also high in calcium and magnesium. The researchers explain this in a journal of the American Heart Association.

“Calcium and magnesium have a protective effect; they lower blood pressure, ”said lead study author Abu Mohammed Naser, a postdoctoral fellow at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta (USA).

He and his co-authors suggest that the study’s findings on the benefits of magnesium and calcium far outweigh the harmful effects of sodium.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is the “leading preventable cause”, leading to premature death worldwide. According to a study, an estimated 1.39 billion people were living with the condition in 2010.

Blood pressure too high increases the force of blood circulation to the artery walls. Long term this can damage the heart and increase the risk of stroke and other health problems.

Studying people living in coastal areas provides a useful way to compare the health effects of water salinity.

Mr. Naser and his colleagues note that groundwater is the main source of drinking water for more than a billion people living in coastal areas. Of these, about 1% live in areas where seawater flows into groundwater, resulting in varying degrees of mineralization. Their analysis drew data from two studies that tracked people from different parts of the Bangladesh coast. Measurements include periods during which the salinity of drinking water changes due to monsoons and dry weather, according to the report Medical News Today.

The team found that people who drank mild or moderate salty water had more sodium in urine than those who drank low-salty soft drinks.

Additionally, people with a higher concentration of sodium in the urine also have higher systolic blood pressure.

The analysis also showed that people who drank mild to moderate salty water had higher amounts of calcium and magnesium in their urine. Having higher levels of these minerals is associated with lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Systolic pressure is the pressure of the blood in the arteries during a heartbeat while diastolic is the pressure between heartbeats.

The authors hypothesized that “calcium and magnesium’s blood pressure-raising effects counteract the harmful effects of sodium. They cite studies that have found similar effects elsewhere in the world. Some of these studies have linked drinking calcium and magnesium-rich water to reduce cardiovascular mortality, according to the study Medical News Today.

Research shows that adding calcium and magnesium to drinking water actually lowers blood pressure. However, more in-depth studies are needed to be conducted in a clinical setting.

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