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Drinking hot water increases the risk of esophageal cancer

Drinking hot water increases the risk of esophageal cancer

Many people have a habit of drinking warm water because it is good for your health. However, drinking beverages such as tea, coffee or water with temperatures above 60 degrees C increases the risk of esophageal cancer twice as much.

Hot drinks are not good for the body

Some people, especially men, have a habit of drinking hot tea or coffee. Immediately after mixing with 100 degrees C of boiled water. Drinking tea at too high a temperature can cause tamin to accumulate, deposition causing damage to the cells in the intestinal tract. Aggregates over time can mutate into carcinogenic organizations.

Researchers investigated about 50,000 people in northern Iran. People who love to drink hot tea. They drink over 1 liter of hot tea per day. Data indicates that the group of people who drink hot tea has temperatures between 65C to 69C, the number of people with cancer increases 2 times. Group of people drinking tea with a temperature over 70C, the rate increases 8 times.

Get rid of the habit of drinking too hot tea

Drinks that are too hot also burn the tongue, burning the mouth, causing sores in the oral cavity. For a long time, bacteria will attack causing bad breath. Studies also confirm that drinking too hot tea or coffee while still smoking increases the risk of cancer of the throat and esophagus because hot water damages the cells there.

Esophageal cancer is the 8th most common cancer in the world. Steals about 400,000 lives each year. This cancer usually results from ongoing damage to the esophagus. It can be from smoking, drinking alcohol, acid reflux or from drinking very hot water frequently.

Pay special attention to young children

Some parents: grandparents, parents have the habit of making very hot milk for their children. There are young children who have been drinking formula too hot for a long time who have had oral cavity burns, causing inflammation of the oral cavity. The child’s esophagus and stomach are affected. This is very dangerous.

Always pay attention to the temperature when giving formula

The ideal water temperature for preparing formula is 70C. However, after making it up, you have to let the milk drop to 30 degrees before giving it to your baby. You should put a little milk on hand to feel warm. The same goes for warm filtered water. If in doubt, use a thermometer.

What temperature is appropriate to drink water?

Drink cool and warm water, not hot. Water at a temperature of 10-30 degrees is the most suitable. Drinking hot drinks or eating foods that are too hot can cause damage. Do not store water above 60 degrees using plastic materials. Hot water will melt plastic and create toxic substances.

The position of the esophagus on the human body

Not only for hot drinks, one should also not drink cold water too much. Too cold water also damages the esophagus, diarrhea, and cramps.

For those who drink coffee and tea, sugary and carbonated beverages, it is necessary to add a few sips of white water for dessert. This will protect the oral cavity and tooth enamel.

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