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On average, nearly 9,000 people die each year; Approximately 200,000 cancer cases are found related to the use of polluted water (according to data from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment). It can be said that the current situation of environmental pollution in general and water source in particular has never been so alarming.


The main rivers in our country today are almost all polluted. Especially, rivers near industrial zones are heavily polluted. There is cloudy water, bad smell, mixed with chemicals and garbage. Significantly affects the landscape as well as the life and health of the people. Pollution levels usually increase during the dry season when the amount of water flowing into rivers decreases.

A series of articles and reporters was born to condemn businesses for the death of rivers. Even the sea. As Formosa did with Vung Ang – Ha Tinh waters in 2016. Causing mass death of marine life, causing shock to public opinion at home and abroad. In addition, the arrangement and treatment of domestic wastewater have not met the requirements or there is no wastewater treatment system but directly poured into ponds, lakes, rivers, canals, … making the pollution even more. serious.

polluted water sources

The case of the Formosa enterprise discharge caused marine fish to die white, floating on the water surface and washed ashore

The strict management of wastewater discharges has not been respected by functional units. Awareness of environmental preservation of collectives of enterprises, craft villages, production or husbandry households and individuals is not high. That is the reason why water resources are increasingly threatened. And while we are still struggling with how to handle the polluted surface water, the underground water source also faces problems such as salinity, pesticides and other toxic chemicals.


The use of polluted water has great harm to human health. Polluted water, dirty water are the main agents of a series of infectious diseases such as conjunctivitis, diarrhea, cancer, etc. Disease figures and deaths related to polluted water infection is increasing. People living around areas with polluted water are increasingly suffering from diseases that are suspected of using dirty water in their domestic use. The people’s health was on alert.

drinking contaminated water

We are unintentionally entering harmful substances into our bodies every day

Scientists point out that using arsenic-contaminated water to eat and drink people susceptible to circulatory poisoning, susceptible to cancer. Most common is skin cancer. Long-term use of lead-contaminated water can easily cause kidney and nerve problems. Infection with Nitrates, Ammonium, Nitrites can cause anemia, blue skin and cancer. Sodium infection is too high causing high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, … and a series of chemicals are mixed in water causing failure or cancer of internal organs.

Water pollution also causes heavy losses to the seafood business and production industry.


To solve this situation, it is necessary to have an urgent and long-term total solution. First of all, it is necessary to improve the quality of water sources through the investment in wastewater and waste collection and treatment facilities. Focusing on construction investment mechanism. Manage and operate efficiently medium water supply works. Along with that is the organization of communication campaigns to raise awareness of environmental protection and water protection. In particular, stricter laws or regulations have to be applied to the control of polluted water. Strictly check the effluent. Punish strictly for violations to be deterrent and set an example for the community.

For households, to protect the health of relatives, ensure that the source of drinking water directly into the body is clean water. Does not contain harmful impurities and bacteria, viruses. Drinking water should be boiled or used advanced water purification equipment The current. Various types of water purifiers on the market are used Nanotechnology, Ro, UF all ensure the ability to filter out clean water that meets safety standards for health. Furthermore, various types of water purifiers Nano water filter Currently, the price is very cheap, without electricity, no waste water, and friendly with the environment.

Not only water purifiers, water filters are also a very good clean water solution

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Let’s join hands to protect your health by protecting the surrounding water for today and the next generation.

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