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Hẹn hò ngày nóng với trà quất Hà Thành

Dating hot day with Ha Thanh kumquat tea

Ha Thanh kumquat tea is a popular, popular, delicious drink, sour, sweet, sweet and fragrant with tea and kumquat flavor to help melt the heat. Let’s learn the recipe for this famous drink of the Period with Eurasian Brewery to enjoy at home.

Kumquat tea is very healthy, rich in vitamin C, so it helps to naturally purify the liver and strengthen the resistance, while effectively losing weight. This innovative drink of Ha Thanh land meets all three requirements of delicious, nutritious, cheap, easy to make and assured of quality, hot or cold drinks are delicious.

Kumquat tea is suitable for meeting friends, chatting happily together next to cool and delicious kumquat tea will help you feel happier and closer together. Let’s learn the following recipe to enjoy whenever you like.

Kumquat tea cooling hot days

Ingredients needed to make Ha Thanh kumquat tea

  • 100 gram green tea leaves (or artichoke filter bag, green tea, lip ton tea for convenience)
  • Fresh kumquat: 200 grams
  • Honey: 150 ml
  • Small ice cubes: 5 ice cubes made from kumquat juice and lemongrass

How to prepare Ha Thanh kumquat tea

Step 1: Boil 1 – 2 liters of water.

While waiting for the water to boil, wash the kumquat and drain it. Use your hand to gently roll each fruit to remove the essential oil in the peel and also let the kumquat seeds come off by themselves without you having to waste the seeds.

Green tea leaves wash each leaf, remove the deep leaves, soak in dilute salt water for about 15 minutes, take out the basket. Keep dry. Use your hands to crush tea leaves so that when braking, green tea will become darker.

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Step 2: When the water is boiling, add the green tea until the tea is sparkling, turn off the heat, cover with the pot to steep the tea for about 30-40 minutes. This is a way to both clean the tea leaves and make the tea lose its pungent flavor.

Step 3: Strain the tea through a sieve to remove any tea chips. Slowly pour the tea into another glass jar. At this time, tea has a beautiful green color.

Step 4: Add honey to the brewed tea. Stir well. Tasting again to taste sweet to taste.

Step 5: Add the sliced ​​kumquats, stir gently to blend the ingredients. Drink hot or add ice for cold drink.

Ha Thanh kumquat tea with a mild aroma of kumquat essential oil is a refreshing beverage that is very thirsty this summer. Try making a pot of honey kumquat tea for the whole family to enjoy, make sure everyone will love it. In addition, homemade preparation also helps you feel more secure about the quality of food hygiene and safety. Enjoy your meal!

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