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Current situation, causes and measures

Current situation, causes and measures

Marine environmental pollution is one of the major problems worldwide. The sea areas are now heavily polluted. But this is one of the causes of harm to human health and life activities. So what is marine pollution? The cause and remedial measures like? Let’s find out the following information right away to know more.

The marine environment is heavily polluted

What is marine pollution?

Marine environmental pollution is the phenomenon of sea water being influenced by different causes to change its properties. Causes negative effects on the biochemical indices of seawater. At the same time, it is harmful to human health. Just like any other marine life.

Because, the pollution of seawater will lead to the endangered marine species. Accompanying that is the ecosystem, the landscape of the sea will also experience negative impacts and heavy effects.

Situation in Vietnam

Currently, Vietnam ranks fourth in the world in marine waste pollution (marine debris), especially plastic waste. Some coastal areas and estuaries are polluted with oil and organic substances related to domestic wastes. Especially the plastic waste pollution. There are also areas of mangrove forests filled with plastic waste bags. In addition, present The amount of domestic solid waste generated in 28 coastal provinces of Vietnam is about 14.03 million tons / year (about 38,500 tons / day).

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However, not only Vietnam, the problem of exploiting marine resources and protecting the marine environment in many regions and countries is facing challenges. Natural resources have been exploited exhaustedly, marine environment in many places has been polluted alarmingly. Causing serious damage, hindering the socio-economic development of many countries.


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Causes of marine environmental pollution

There are many causes of marine pollution. This pollution is economic development activities, especially from public, agricultural and shipping waste sources. Accordingly, there are a few main reasons such as:

Natural causes

  • Lava eruptions of volcanoes under the sea also cause the mass death of organisms. Make the water source change in a negative direction
  • Due to the erosion or landslides of mountains and hills.
  • Due to the volcanic eruption, dust and smoke rise high with rainwater falling to the ground.
  • Due to high tide, water rises and falls, causing pollution of rivers
  • Dissolve a lot of mineral salts with too high concentrations, including carcinogens such as arsenic and heavy metals …
Lava eruption under the sea bed

Lava eruption under the sea bed

Caused by people

  • The use of explosives, electricity, and toxins to capture aquatic products by humans will cause the mass deaths of creatures. This may lead to extinction of some species. In addition, because this exploitation is difficult to control, the remaining seafood at sea will decompose. Pollution of sea water.
  • Regions brackish water, coastal mangroves and coral reefs are not well preserved, leading to imbalance of marine ecosystems and loss of habitat of some amphibian species.
  • Domestic, industrial, agricultural wastewater, … Untreated from urban areas or industrial factories is discharged into the river. Then the flow to the sea causes heavy pollution.
  • In addition, indiscriminate waste disposal, lack of culture from tourism activities. This is the cause of the serious marine pollution consequences.
  • Oil extraction is also the cause of sea water pollution. In addition, the oil spill will also contaminate the seawater with some harmful substances.
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Every year, about 50 million tons of solid waste dumped into the world sea, including soil, sand, rubbish, construction scrap, radioactive substances. Some of these wastes will settle in coastal waters. Several other substances are broken down and spread throughout the seawater body.

Using explosives for fishing can cause mass death of organisms

Using explosives for fishing can cause mass death of organisms

Consequences of marine environmental pollution

Marine environmental pollution causes many serious consequences such as:

  • Degrading marine biodiversity, typically coral ecosystems.
  • Destroying and extinction a number of species of marine and marine life.
  • Losing aesthetics, causing heavy damage to the tourism industry’s revenue.
  • Damaging machinery equipment, resource extraction equipment and water transport.
  • Impacts and restraints on marine economic development, …
Marine pollution can cause the extinction of some organisms

Marine pollution can cause the extinction of some organisms


Mining activities

Marine environmental control is one of the most effective methods to protect the marine environment. There should be patrol and control activities of sea fishing and fishing.

Prohibit the use of explosives, electric shock or toxic chemicals. These activities will lead to the mass death of seafood, making some species potentially extinct. It is necessary to have strict sanctions with intentional acts or not complying with the laws of the state.

In addition, it is necessary to plan fishing activities according to industrial zones, clusters, spots, craft villages, … To avoid widespread, unsuitable and difficult to manage as at present.

Treating waste gas and waste from industrial activities

Wastewater, waste from agricultural and industrial activities is a remarkable source of pollution of seawater. Therefore, the state needs to require companies to build waste and wastewater treatment systems before being discharged into the environment.

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Biological solutions

In addition to the construction of systems of dykes, embankments, ditches, … To control natural disasters, floods, … We need to use a number of materials capable of detoxification and disinfection of natural origin. to clean the environment. Like: lime, activated carbon, …

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At the same time, actively launch periodic cleaning and environmental sanitation activities and educate about the awareness of environmental protection right from the school seats.

Garbage collection on coasts is also one of the ways to protect the marine environment

Garbage collection on coasts is also one of the ways to protect the marine environment

In recent years, our country is in crisis in environmental pollution, especially the marine environment. But the sea has a great influence on the human environment. Sea protection is to protect the common environment of humanity, that is to protect the future of humanity.

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