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Create “Drink Trend” From New Mint Green Apple Tea Making

Surely you are too familiar with the names of fruit teas, right? Today, DPCAAu will reveal how to prepare green apple mint green tea with a completely new version, with just a little “tip”.

Green apple tea with mint green tea is cool and sweet

When preparing refreshing fruit teas such as green apple tea, lychee tea, pink grapefruit tea … Those with bright colors, green tea will be the ingredient to make the drink taste fresh, the tea is clear and brighter. If you use black tea, the juice will darken in color, making the drink lose its natural flavor.

Ingredients for apple mint tea

  • Green tea: 2gr
  • Green apple: ½ fruit
  • Syrup mojito mint: 10ml
  • Apple syrup: 15ml
  • Mint or basil leaves: 5 leaves
  • Sugar water: 20ml
  • Ice

How to make mint green apple tea

Step 1: Preliminary processing of raw materials

Apples: rinse the skin, remove the seeds and cut the seeds

Mint leaves: washed

Step 2: How to brew delicious green tea

If you use green tea as a filter bag, add 200ml of 95 degree boiling water and brew the tea for 10-15 minutes. In addition, if you are using dried green tea to make green apple green tea, then you need to wash the tea before brewing.

You should use green tea to make brightly colored fruit teas

By passing the green tea shirt over boiling water to remove dirt and impurities left. Then remove the tea wash and put the tea in boiling water 95 degrees like tea bags. After 10-15 minutes, remove the tea body and separate the tea juice.

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Step 3: Make green apple green tea

Next, you prepare a tall glass and start brewing. Put the mojito mint syrup, apple syrup, sugar juice, and pour about 80 – 85ml of green tea juice into a glass. Then use a spoon to stir the mixture, pour it into the shaker (shaker) and add ice cubes. Shake the green apple tea mix well for 15 seconds.

Cut the green apples into the pomegranate seeds to make the topping for the green tea fun

Outside the shaker appears thin snow and feels your hand cold. Finally, decorate the thin sliced ​​green apple pomegranates on the top of the glass with some mint leaves.

Just a small “tip” that the cup of green apple tea becomes more attractive and new

In addition to the above two methods of making green tea, there is also a quick tea making method called “teapresso”. With this method, it only takes about 1 minute to have a freshly fragrant, sweet and beautifully colored tea juice. Currently, teapresso is widely used in tea shop – milk tea business models. You can find out about this trend here.

What is the use of green tea?

Green tea has many health benefits. According to some studies, green tea has the ability to contribute to reducing the risk of cancers such as: esophageal cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, bowel cancer … In addition, tea leaves contain polyphenols and catechins. helps protect the heart very well.

If you maintain the habit of drinking tea regularly, moderate amounts can reduce the bad cholesterol inside the body. It also helps you reduce the risk of diabetes, reduce skin inflammation, enhance brain function and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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With only small tips that green apple mint green tea dish has become a brand new, attractive version, right? With the image of drinks full of fresh energy and sweet green apple flavor will become the “best seller” drink!

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