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Cool the wrong way in the hot season, almost everyone has it!

Cool the wrong way in the hot season, almost everyone has it!

To make the air conditioner too low, take a shower as soon as you go on the street, drink a lot of ice, … are the ways to cool down very wrong and harmful for the body.

Drink lots of cold water, eat lots of cold foods

Because of the hot weather and high summer temperatures, many people like to drink ice. This is not a good habit. Drinking cold water prevents sweat from excreting, blood vessels shrink. The blood circulation becomes more slowly.

Drinking a lot of cold water while the body temperature is high has the ability to cause the stomach and intestines to constrict, the risk of acute abdominal pain. Besides, you are also prone to respiratory infections due to cold burns, fever, sore throat, pneumonia

Enter the air-conditioned room as soon as it is outdoors

Entering an air-conditioned room while outside is a wrong way to get rid of the heat. The outdoor and air-conditioned rooms usually differ: 10 – 20 degrees. Therefore, entering an air-conditioned room as soon as you go outside, the hot sun is very harmful because of the body. At this point, the body cannot adapt to the temperature of the new environment. The large temperature difference will cause the body temperature to drop suddenly. If you are sweating, sweat will seep back into the skin. Cause colds, headaches, and damage the nervous system. If mild, it can make you tired, lethargic, and dizzy headaches. Heavier will increase the heart rate, then difficulty breathing, even coma, … This is especially dangerous for the elderly, young children.

When you’re outdoors, it’s best to stand outside for a while in an air-conditioned room. Take a deep breath, take off sun-protective clothing. Wait for the sweat to drain, drink a glass of water to cool down before entering the cold room. Besides, when you first enter the room, you should sit away from the air-conditioning door. The air inlet area of ​​the air conditioner is often much colder than other areas in the room.

You also shouldn’t let the air conditioner get too low. The best temperature is between 25-28 degrees Celsius. If you leave the air conditioner too low, you also easily get headaches, sore throat, stuffy nose, …

Take a shower as soon as you have a heavy activity or come back from the sun

When it is hot, when going outdoors, working or playing sports often suffers because of the high temperature. Many people feel that their body is too hot and want to take a shower immediately to cool down. This is a very harmful thought to health. After working or playing sports, high body temperatures often cause excessive sweating. The blood vessels and sweat glands expand to release heat. However, right now, you take a shower, causing the blood vessels to suddenly contract, which can cause stroke and stroke. If mild, it can also cause headaches, colds, chronic headaches, …

When the body temperature is high, the heat is in the head, the face will gradually go down. Then, exit according to pores. Ideally, when you just come back from the sun, after working or playing sports you should take a break. Sit in open spaces for sweat to dry out. You should wash your hands and feet, wash your face first so that the body can adapt and decrease the temperature gradually. Then should take a shower.

Let the fan or air conditioner hit directly

The body of many is poorly resistant to high temperatures. They turn their fans upright or sit right in front of the air-conditioning vents to cool down quickly. This is again a very dangerous act. Letting the wind blow your body at high intensity makes you more susceptible to cold exposure. That is the reason why in the summer in our country more people suffer from colds, sore throats, runny nose and headaches than winter.

That is not to mention sitting too close to the fan will cause the body to lose water quickly, dry skin and lips. Body heat imbalance, causing headaches, dizziness, even hit the wind.

If the body is sweaty too much, but sitting right in front of the fan is also harmful. If you sit in front of the fan at this time, the sweat excretion process will be stopped, causing an imbalance in heat generation, heat dissipation of the body.

Drink lots of carbonated soft drinks

Many people love to drink soft drinks, carbonated water and ice in the summer because it is both sweet and cool. Easy to drink and cool. However, soft drinks and carbonated water contain a lot of unhealthy substances. Drinking a lot of carbonated soft drinks when it is hot is the wrong way to cool down, it makes your body susceptible to many diseases in the long run such as: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, ..

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Drink gulping water, hurry

Drinking water “gulp” when feeling thirsty is the wrong way to cool down many people suffer. When you come back from the sun, you feel very thirsty and you often drink water in a hurry, “gulp” for … But this way is very bad for your health because drinking water that way will make the blood quickly diluted, increased the burden of pumping blood to the heart. Besides, on sunny days, you sweat a lot, drink too much water in a short time, it will increase sweating, which will increase the loss of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium.

In addition, rushing to drink can make you very uncomfortable hiccups or bloating. The best way is that no matter how thirsty you should drink slowly, divide the amount of water you drink.

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