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Compare the difference between smoothies and juices – JUICING VS. BLENDING

Juices and Smoothies are of course different. But I still see many of you confusing these two methods, or you follow your own beverage recipes but do not understand the difference or the benefits / strengths of drinks, from juices, born well with plant milk, think they are the same species, it’s good to do hihi.

Below I explain a little about the differences in the nature, methods and benefits of Juice and Smoothie (or two methods of juicing and blending).

All delicious, pure, homemade drinks. If you are prepared, the time to have the product is less than the time to choose the dress every morning (unmarried :).
Are from raw foods (vegetables) and bring lots of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and so on
They can all replace meals or simply use them as snacks, or drink entertainment to add love to life.
All used for young children, the elderly. Easy to absorb, no chewing effort.

About how

Juice is made by separating the water from vegetables and removing the insoluble fiber. While the smoothie is made by blending it all, it still includes insoluble fiber. This is the fiber that our body has to get rid of, it goes around in the stomach, mainly helps to fill up the stomach and aids digestion, does not contribute to nutrients, and then comes out. intact 🙂

About tools

Juice is made from a juicer. Smoothie is made from a blender.


Many types of vegetables and fruits can only be squeezed without making a smoothie and vice versa. In my personal opinion, juice using vegetables and fruits is much richer than smoothies, especially hard fruits (beetroot, sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, carrot, guava, toad, cucumber, etc. celery, broccoli … many), while smoothie should use softer ones, vegetables should only have a few soft leaves or small leaves (spinach, kale, lettuce, moringa, sprouts …). However, with smoothie, you can mix different toppings, boosters, superfoods powder without anyone stuffing juice (goji berry, dried fruits, flaxseed, dried coconut, cocoa bean, bee pollen, superfoods, nut / nut butter etc.). Smoothies usually need liquid so that the machine can mix the ingredients (coconut water or nuts, coconut milk should be used). Juice is basically water-free, only taking juice from vegetables (if there is water, it is mainly used for machine rinsing when needed), because the essence of the pressing process is to get the juice from plants.

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In terms of form and texture

Juice is the form of water. Smoothie is a thicker, thicker form.

About nutritional value

To analyze the process from the moment the juice and smoothie descends to the abdomen until it is absorbed to the cells is a bit of science. Just put it as follows: Juice brings a very high amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and is absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream because juice does not have fiber and the stomach does not have to digest (because most of the fiber is already consumed). removed). Juice allows for vitamins, minerals, enzymes to be loaded quickly and in abundance: concentrate and much more if you have to sit and eat the same amount of ingredients and wait for the body to digest and absorb. Then the body does not need much energy to digest, the cells spoiled for rest, absorb the substances and restore. Additionally, juice is suitable for those with a fiber-sensitive digestive system, allowing you to still benefit from plant minerals without having to worry about the amount of fiber in it.

Meanwhile, when you blend / smoothie, all the ingredients are pureed, including the fibers. So the smoothie gives a fuller feeling. The amount of fiber helps the amount of sugar and vitamins, minerals to be released into the body more slowly than juice (long fullness, suitable for those who need to monitor blood sugar). The juice effect you can feel immediately after drinking a few minutes (the feeling of vitamins with energy it is running in Italy, refreshing and refreshing, energizing), but drinking the juice is plenty of fruit. there is a risk of a very rapid, transient increase in blood sugar (but if there is no blood sugar problem there is no need to worry). Another significant blending benefit, as mentioned above, it allows you to smoothie with a variety of ingredients that juice can’t do, allowing ingredients that are high in protein, healthy fats and carbs, enough. to create a convenient and healthy meal.

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Nutritionally, Juice retains some of the better ingredients than smoothies!

According to an independent lab test conducted by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute in Melbourne, on green juice from a good quality centrifuge (Breville), and green smoothie from a well-stocked blender. head (Vitamix machine, grind for 60 seconds), with the same amount of ingredients, but with the blender with more filtered water, some conclusions were made:
Green juice from the juicer contains twice as much of the main nutrients (more than 142% Vitamin C – almost double!, 73% Alpha Carotene, 109% Beta Carotene and 54% Potassium) of the same ingredients milled from the generator. factor. The stronger the blender, the better it will not be in keeping the nutrition of the plant. This is largely caused by oxidation (the air mixed into the food cells) during grinding destroys nutrients. However, the magnesium content is similar, and the calcium content of the green smoothie is higher than that of green juice. However, the amount of calcium from green leafy vegetables after juice or smoothie is not enough at the recommended daily intake (RDA).

You can see more details about this study here:

So, to conclude what is better, what should be used, the answer is: Why choose? Both go.
Actually, for me there is nothing best, but only the balance and the best usage for myself depending on their health conditions. Both the juice and the smoothie are fine and allow us to consume more fruits and vegetables each day. One way or another, eat or drink, grind or squeeze, the more methods, the more rich the better, the more fun! Good diet must be plentiful, right? Try the experience and make your own decisions. Drink juice every day, and sometimes make smoothies instead of breakfast.

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Some of the tips I have are as follows:
– You should try to use green juice and green smoothie. If you are interested, I will talk more deeply about the amazing effects of green juice. You need to gradually reduce the amount of sweet fruit (add some green vegetables in the beginning and increase it gradually), and know that the taste can change that.
– Juice and smoothies can be made in advance for a few days if you don’t have time to do it every day. Of course freshness is best, but there are ways to preserve and self-condition, is it still better to drink than not to drink due to fear?
– Lemon / lime juice can be used in green formulations to increase the absorption of vitamin C as well as reduce the risk of staining of beverages due to oxidation.
Always try to use the latest organic and fresh foods to the extent possible. It’s okay not to find organic, choose the one within the power.

Wish you always have many choices for your healthy nutrition!

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