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Common mistakes in juicing – Common mistakes in juicing

This is probably the most common mistake among juice drinkers: you guys work hard to drink fruit juice. Although fruit juices are also loaded with benefits, packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, they also contain lots of sugar and calories. The sugar in fruit, although mainly fructose, fructose does not slow down the aging process.When the fruit is pressed, the fiber is removed, the body absorbs the juice at a rapid rate. This means that the amount of sugar is absorbed directly into the bloodstream quickly, which can cause hyperglycemia, which is especially important for those with or at risk of diabetes. In addition, high sugar intake is also not good for people who want to lose weight.

Of course we drink pure fruit juice from time to time (it’s good to drink in the morning, avoid drinking in the evening, check the note for beginners to drink juice). In the long term, however, we need to aim for a higher ratio of vegetables to juice than fruit, where sweet fruit primarily serves as a sweetener for easier-to-drink vegetable juices. Eating whole fruit is better because usually when we eat we can not eat as much as when pressed. In addition, fruits are also easier to digest than vegetables.

Summary: Limit only fruit juice, so squeeze more vegetables. Ideal rate is 80 vegetables: 20 fruits for one serving of juice. At first, if we are unfamiliar, we will gradually reduce the amount of sweet fruits and increase the amount of vegetables. Pure fruit juice should be drunk in the morning. For people with or at risk of diabetes, squeeze mainly vegetables, and if you find it difficult to drink, you can squeeze with green lemon or lemon, both fragrant and less sugar as well as making the water taste more comfortable. .

One of the keys to the best juice for your body is to use green juice (juice from green vegetables). Out of juice colors, blue is the one that should be most likely to appear in your home, the better each day. Green juice contains a lot of wonderful nutrients. Just like eating green veggies, fresh green foods naturally contain Chlorophyll – The key helps oxygenate (supply oxygen) to the human body, from which the body easily eliminates harmful substances, cleans and enhances blood circulation, brings a more abundant natural energy source for the muscle. can. Furthermore, green vegetables have no effect on blood sugar or insulin levels like sweet fruits.

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Green juices are the ones I love and often make. The perception when drinking green juice is also different from other colored juices. It always makes me feel more fresh and refreshed. Although green juice takes some time to get to know some people who are particularly low in vegetables, if you know how to combine flavors, green juice is absolutely delicious and easy to drink, easy to crush!

Bottom line: drink green juice. And most of all: Drink multicolored juices that change every day.

Because in general, many people have misunderstandings about juice, the habit of drinking fruit juice mixed with iced sugar and mainly for beverage or dessert, or eating with meals is not less. For pure juices from fruits and vegetables, the body will absorb the best minerals, vitamins and enzymes in the juice best and fastest. when the stomach is empty, that is, when you are not full (at least 30 minutes before a meal), as well as consuming the least amount of energy for the digestive organs. When the stomach has too much still digested food, it will not be able to focus on digesting nutrients completely from the juice.

It is best to squeeze in the morning, drink immediately, then eat breakfast half an hour later.

This is a fairly common case with new juice either with little or no time, or enough attention, or occasional juice.
That is when they only drink 1.2 kinds of ingredients and drink again and again. For example, hearing squash to lose weight is squeezing squash continuously for a whole month, acne and seeing that good fish also drink only one kind of fish, or heard that something good is pressed until bored, then remove the juice. always.
The important principle of Juicing is PHONG PHU. Each plant color, a vegetable and fruit, will have specific phytonutrients and different benefits. There is no one food that optimally contains all the substances we need. So take advantage of juicing for consuming 7 rainbow plants to get maximum phytonutrients for your body.

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This is a fairly common mistake with juicing beginners and are excited about wanting as much stuff in a cup as possible. However I recommend maximum combinations 5 types of vegetables and fruits in one press (excluding seasoned vegetables like lemon, ginger, turmeric, aroma …) to avoid the final product tastes unattractive (unless you know what you’re doing). Just like with cooking, the ingredients should be mixed together. Once you get it, you can be the artist to ‘play’ your juicer.

Another attached mistake for beginners is not using formulas. So if you find the juice so bad, so hard to drink, then don’t give up. First you need to follow simple recipes with 2-3 ingredients, gradually add and test a new ingredient each time. Then you can try buying juice at the stores to see how well they mix the flavors. Currently in Hanoi and HCM there are quite a few cold pressed juice stores selling pure juice, please find a few to try. Because if they say that the juice is boring, not delicious, it is unfair for them.

You go from selecting ingredients, to cutting and washing, then disassembling the machine, to come up with a cup of pure juice filled with nice stuff. Drink as soon as possible. The more the juice is exposed to air and the higher the temperature, the more quickly the juice will oxidize. And since we are looking to benefit from ‘fresh’ fruits and vegetables, try to drink them as soon as possible.

If it is not possible to drink immediately, do everything possible to best preserve the final juice. Review the Beginners’ Guide for proper care.

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Juice should not be drank too fast like a booze or drinking a shot of alcohol within 2 seconds (except for juice shot 🙂

Enjoy slowly, properly, worth it as it should be. Sit down, drink slowly and think only about the taste of juice in your mouth. Since digestion and enzyme production of the body begins in the oral cavity itself, the best way to enjoy juice is to rinse the juice in your mouth back and forth a few times before swallowing, as if you were chew so. This will help the digestive system to produce enzymes and absorb juice better. You may not be familiar at first, especially when you are just getting used to green juice and pure vegetable juices, but in the long run this is the best option for your digestive system.

It is best Sit down while drinkingBecause when you sit, your body relaxes and it is easier to focus on drinking. Don’t be subjective, our digestive system and stomach are actually very sensitive. If you drink in a hurry, rush, not concentrate or drink it, your body will know!

Above are the common errors I noticed and also experienced myself in the juicing process of myself and a lot of people around. The list is so long, but rest assured: more juice is still available! Either way, the investment of your time and effort into juicing and your health is the wonderful thing you do for yourself. Let’s enjoy this process together! If you notice any errors or poor habits when drinking juice, let’s share!

Happy juicing everyone!

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