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Common errors when using water purifiers and how to fix them

Using water filters to replace bottled water and cooled boiled water is a common trend of modern families. Although it is simplified and extremely simple to install, but if it is a machine, more or less problems will arise when using it. Usually these are just minor technical errors. You just need to pay attention according to the instructions below and you will fix it immediately.

This article will take the primary example from the Barrier water purifier. A prestigious brand from Russia, with 3 main products: Barrier Ferrum, Barrier Expert Hard and Barrier Ultra.

Investing in using a water purifier from 5.5 – 6.5 million VND, everyone wants to use it for a long time, right? Then please “pocket” the following tips immediately in case you need it.

Water is not pure

The filtered water can be taken directly without boiling

The filtered water can be taken directly without boiling

Phenomena: Water is not transparent, has a strange color and smell.


– Installed in wrong order of 3 filter columns.

– When installing dust accidentally entered.

How to fix:

– Check that the user manual is installed correctly or not?

– Clean the parts again if necessary.

Barrier water purifiers use no electricity and do not contain wastewater. As a result, trouble parts and installation are reduced. At the same time, using this water purifier also helps to save electricity and water significantly for the family.

The water purifier is leaking

Using a leaky water filter can be caused by improper installation

Using a leaky water filter can be caused by improper installation

Phenomena: The filter is leaking water out of the filter columns or pipes.


– Unfasten the connection of the water filter column and the wire.

– Impact during installation causes the filter core to crack.

– Pet has broken water line.

How to fix:

– Lock the water inlet and clean the place where the water is leaking.

– Check where the specific leak is located.

– Tighten the connection points carefully.

– If the case is cracked or punctured, you can buy a separate part instead.

Weak flowing water after a period of use

Weak flowing water though fully screwed

Weak flowing water though fully screwed

Phenomena: The output water is flowing slowly, weakly, not as fast as in the first time.


– There is a problem with the water input.

– The filter core, the water pipe is clogged or folded.

How to fix:

– Check inlet water source. Pumped well water has the potential to mix foreign objects. The tap water company also regularly maintains and repairs pipes. There are days when the water is yellow and has dirt.

– In case of using solar water jars, tanks or water heaters, it is necessary to check and clean them periodically.

– Problem water inlet will cause the water purifier to work “heavy” than. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure the output water.

– Check the usage time, estimate the amount of filtered water has reached 8000 liters or not? This is the time when the filter cartridge is at its best. If it is overdue, you should replace the filter column to ensure the quality of drinking water.

The water filter is making noise

Although the noise is small, if emitted continuously, it will affect your family at rest

Although the noise is small, if emitted continuously, it will affect your family at rest

Barrier water purifiers have a simple structure, so often do not encounter this situation. Using a water purifier with noise not only affects the rest of the family, but also questions water quality and product life.

If you use water purifiers from other brands, it could be for one of the following reasons:

– The filter core is sedimented or clogged with water.

– Electricity is weak.

– Weak inlet water source makes the electric valve open and close continuously.

– Pumping problem, pressure vessel valve locking, air ventilation.

How to fix:

– Replace the filter element.

– Check the power lines directly connected to the water purifier.

– Check the water input to see if there is any problem.

– Replace parts if available at retail.

If the condition does not work and the machine becomes louder, you should contact your supplier for instructions. New purchase may be caused by technical errors. Depending on the brand’s policy, you may or may not have a replacement water purifier.

Wastewater still flows when the machine stops working

Do not let water be wasted when not in use

Do not let water be wasted when not in use

As noted above, Barrier water purifiers do not contain wastewater. If you experience this problem, you should switch to another water purifier or consider the following reasons:

– The machine has not completely turned off.

– Installation of the limit valve incorrectly.

– High pressure water inlet.

– Ordering parts is wrong with instructions.

How to fix:

– Double check whether the machine is still working or not.

– Fix the water valve in reverse direction.

– Adjust the water inlet pressure by turning small or using specialized tools.

– Check the user manual again to make sure you have it installed correctly.

With Barrier water purifiers, customers will have a warranty of up to 36 months. Time to use filter core from 8000 to 10,000 liters. No electricity, no wastewater, filtered water can be taken directly without boiling. Water quality has been verified, meeting NFS42 international standards, 53 safe for the user.

It is easy to install and also includes a detailed step-by-step video. You can watch here.

Using a water purifier is a smart choice. Both save well the most incurred costs, protect the environment, and ensure the health of the family. If you have any questions regarding the Barrier, do not hesitate to contact aqualife.vn follow the information below. Wish you choose a product like that, affordable and long-term use!

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