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Check out 15 cool summer cool drinks

Check out 15 cool summer cool drinks

In the hot summer, the body is often dehydrated. Here are 15 of the freshest cooling drinks to help you stay healthier in this weather!

1. Sugar cane juice

The abundant glucose in sugarcane juice helps to replenish water, provide energy to reduce fatigue by the onset of heat. Therefore, instead of drinking energy drinks, you should choose cane juice. Prevent the development of diabetes: Despite having a sweet taste due to the high sugar content, sugarcane juice is beneficial for people with diabetes because they contain natural sugars with a low glycemic index (index reflects the rate at which food increases blood sugar). Thereby, it contributes to preventing the too rapid increase of the level of glucose in the blood.

2. Coconut water

Fresh coconut water is a very healthy natural drink. Many studies have shown that coconut water’s antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity can provide many benefits in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. This nutritious drink has a number of effects such as: regulating blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels in the blood. Increases energy and metabolism in the body. In addition, coconut water also supports treatment: stomach pain, dysentery, indigestion, digestive disorders, constipation, urethral stones, kidney failure, dry itchy skin, … Coconut takes 10-12 months on average to full maturity. Young coconuts around 6-7 months old contain the most water while older coconuts have more pulp but still contain coconut water. A fresh, green-skinned coconut has about 125ml – 250ml of fresh coconut water

3. Lemon juice

One lemon can provide about 64% of the daily amount of vitamin C that the body needs. Not only that, but this fruit also contains a lot of healthy phytochemicals, including polythenols and terpenes. Lemon juice is rich in vitamins B and C, antioxidants, phosphorus, protein, natural essential oils, flavonoids, carbohydrates, and potassium. This drink also has many antibacterial ingredients, which help keep the immune system healthy, from which the body is immune to many diseases and infections.

4. Green tea

Green tea also helps to flush toxins out of the body. Green tea is also a diuretic and helps reduce water retention. The diuretic effects of green tea have been used for centuries to help flush excess fluids from the body. Maintain daily green tea drinking helps prevent water accumulation in the body. Drinking green tea helps diuretic and reduces fig, inhibits the absorption of the kidney tubules, stimulates the motor center of the blood vessels, increases the filtration of the kidneys, thereby having a diuretic effect. In addition, the mixed chemicals in tea also have a good effect in reducing blood pressure, high blood pressure patients are very suitable to drink medium-dense tea. Drinking green tea helps reduce stress, anti-aging, and weight loss

5. Cassava

Cassava flour is neutral, sweet, cool, has a heat effect, defecates and detoxifies the liver, so it is used to treat colds and fever due to heat stroke; replenish water for the body, causing the body to sweat to cool down; Treatment of hot intestine, hot stomach area because cassava flour thickens, when entering the body will neutralize the acids in the intestinal wall, fight bacteria, limit diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, immediate relief of flatulence, indigestion; reduce intestinal constriction, intestinal twisting Cassava flour also works to reduce cholesterol, blood fat clots, blood clots in the arteries – the cause of complications, and against cardiovascular diseases.

6. Vegetable juice

Gotu kola is not only a popular vegetable that can be eaten every day but also a remedy for many diseases such as pimples, fever reduction, beauty, health promotion, detoxification, constipation, heart Circuit … In addition, Gotu Kola is also a highly nutritious herb, has many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, can be used to nourish yin, improve memory, slow aging. Chemical, improving microcirculation and cure many skin diseases.

7. Aloe vera juice with aloe sugar

Aloe vera juice has cool properties, so it is able to soothe the skin and clear the body heat. At the same time, it also supports good digestion, stabilizes blood sugar, enhances blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, strengthens resistance, prevents cancer, provides timely energy for all living activities. of body.

8. Watermelon squash

Squash is a familiar food in every family kitchen. Squash is used to process dishes and drinks with healthy ingredients. In squash contains vitamins A, B, C, minerals such as zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and other micronutrients. These substances are essential for all vital bodily functions. The cooking of squash ginseng will help to clear heat, detoxify the body, cure edema, reduce boils in the lungs or colon, treat coughs, colds, and asthma. At the same time, drinking squash ginseng also helps in preventing cancer effectively, protecting health better when enhancing the body’s resistance … Not stopping there, squash soup or ginseng also helps to take care of. Very good skin beauty and physique. If you are overweight, obese or have pimples, drink squash ginseng to improve this condition better. Because of these wonderful uses of squash, people often use squash ginseng to cool off summer heat as well as take better health care.

9. bitter melon tea – bitter melon

In addition to the use of heat, detoxifying and purifying the body, few people know about other uses for the health of bitter tea. Bitter melon tea, especially bitter melon tea, is very beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, high liver enzymes, excess cholesterol, overweight, gout.

10. Artichoke pineapple tea

Artichoke is considered a “miracle” for the liver because it “cleans” the toxins in the liver. It has the effect of cooling the liver, cooling down, detoxifying, thereby reducing bad cholesterol and improving the skin health. Artichoke tea has a characteristic rich taste that makes many consumers “addicted”, used daily instead of green tea, tea. Artichoke Tea is made from artichoke stems, roots, flowers, leaves (grown in the highlands of Da Lat) – and circulated in the market as filter bags (instant drink) and dried leaves in bags (to color for water drink or mix in bath water for skin care).

11. Robust water

According to Vietnamese Oriental Medicine, the leaves have benefits of balm, creating appetite and digestive activities of the intestinal tract more effectively. Although the leaves are bitter, they help stimulate the secretion of more digestive juices. Besides, the tannins in this plant also have the ability to protect the intestinal mucosa. The essential oil from the leaves of the Robusta leaf has high antibacterial properties, but does not adversely affect the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.

12. Crocodile water

The green crocodile has a slightly sour taste, when the fruit is ripe it is sour, sweet, cool, has the function of renewing the food, just thirsty, just cough, expector phlegm, used to treat many diseases such as canker. dry thirst, itchy neck, sore throat, vomiting caused by pregnancy, drunkenness, rash, swelling, itchy sores. Cool sour crocodile water is many people love in the summer

13. Tamarind juice

Tamarind ice is made from the flesh of ripe fruit, sweet Thai tamarind, or Vietnamese tamarind has a sour taste, has lots of vitamin C, vitamin B, and micronutrients very beneficial for health, easy to find again cheaply Drink Tamarind ice helps to refresh and refreshes on hot summer days, because tamarind meat contributes to rehydration, electrolytes, and helps to cool down quickly. A cup of tamarind ice added with pureed ice and some crispy roasted peanuts will help you beat another attack and quickly regain lost energy.

14. Fruit juice

Summer is the season of burning lots of fresh and delicious fruits. Fruit is a rich source of vitamins for the body. Depending on the different types of fruit, there will be different nutrients and vitamins.

15. Rice milk

Rice milk contains many nutrients that provide energy to the body, help the body be healthier and get nutrition every day. Rice milk has enough nutrients than a regular bottle of milk, you absolutely can drink rice milk instead of milk every day and can have more energy than a normal bottle of milk brings. For milk, many people will find it tasting a bit greasy, and drinking milk as soon as it finishes doesn’t seem to taste, but with rice milk, the drink has a mild aroma, a slightly sweet taste, and a sweet drink. gentle but cool.

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