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How to make a simple and delicious turmeric milk (Turmeric Latte)

Thank life I found you! Oh my gosh why is there such a great drink? I wish I had known her earlier, but better late than never.This dish who does not like turmeric must think again. Anyone who likes technology but doesn’t try it wastes his life. Really! Turmeric latte is also known as Golden […]

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How to make delicious almond milk (Home-made Almond milk)

Almond milk – sounds sublime, ‘chubby’ right, but this is a vegetable milk that is extremely popular with Western countries to replace cow’s milk. Among nut milk, and generally plant-based milk (nuts, beans, cereals, etc.), almond milk, cashew milk and coconut milk are the 3 most popular and favorite foods. Use is rich in smoothies, […]

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How to make delicious coconut milk – (Home made Coconut milk)

Coconut milk is incredibly easy to make, and incredibly delicious! I still remember when I was a child that I only had a few cans of coconut milk until Tet. Back then I was very fond of coconut milk, even though it was only canned coconut milk (but now I am more aware of the […]

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Like last time in the almond milk article I mentioned that in nut milk, I like cashew milk more than hehe almond milk. Why? First: cashew nuts cheap than Specialties of Vietnam (Vietnam is a famous cashew exporter in the world), cashew nut quality of Vietnam is delicious and fatty and there are big cashew […]

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Make granulated milk with the Hurom slow press

You must also see that the dairy movement is also more popular, more active than a year ago, right? Seed milk is indeed too easy to make, yet too delicious, not to mention also nutritious and possibly an alternative to cow’s milk.With nut milk, I still like to make with a blender. It’s just a […]

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