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Can tap water be drunk directly, Why?

Can tap water be drunk directly, Why?

Tap water is the main source of water for domestic use in the major cities and provinces of our country today. When judging by the senses, tap water looks very clean, clean and free of dust. So, is it possible to drink tap water directly? And Find out through the article below.

Can tap water be drunk directly?

What is tap water?

Machine water: Groundwater or water from rivers, lakes and ponds is treated through a water filtration system with industrial treatment methods, then supplied to households by pipes called tap water.

Is tap water clean or not? can be taken directly or not?

The answer is no, because:

Firstly, the water treatment system and technology in Vietnam is still not good. When put in, the upstream water will be filtered out of dirt, sediment, algae and use chlorine to remove some heavy metals and bacteria. However, this is just a basic water filtration step, so it can only be said that tap water in Vietnam is only relatively clean, but for drinking directly, it is not.

Second, because the quality of the water pipeline system in Vietnam is not stable. Due to the fact that the pipes have not been replaced for a long time, they are often rusted, deposited with dirt, so even if tap water is clean, when entering these pipes will also be contaminated with heavy metals, containing dirt, bacteria … In particular, tap water in Vietnam has a very unstable pH, some places where the pH drops to 4.0 – 4.5 and often in tap water will contain a lot of chlorine, sulfur, raw sediment, and other parasites.

Tap water filtration system of our country

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Harmful effects can occur when drinking directly from tap water:

1. Tap water can lead to skin problems: Tap water actually contains dangerous chemicals, including barium, arsenic and lead, arsenic is a carcinogen and can cause illness if Used in large quantities. The high levels of nitra in tap water can be dangerous to infants, especially if used in the preparation.

2. Most tap water contains chlorine: The disinfectant ingredient in tap water is chlorine, which can contribute to birth defects, fetal death, low birth weight, preterm birth and some other serious problems. related to pregnancy. Pregnant women should use a separate water system and avoid tap water altogether.

3. Drinking tap water can contain more flour to help prevent tooth decay, but there is no scientific evidence proving that tooth decay is caused by lack of flour. Even drinking flour regularly can have a detrimental effect on your overall health.

The tap water filtration system cannot completely remove dirt, bacteria and heavy metals

4. Tap water is one of the leading causes of kidney stones: If you are prone to kidney stones, stop drinking tap water immediately, stay away from tap water and switch to bottled water or purified mineral water. .

5. The water supply can be polluted: If it rains for too long, the water source can be contaminated by parasites, the birds nest on the shore, they can enter the water source and therefore bacteria can multiply. The water supply is local when there is a good cleaning system and is checked before use.

6. People with weakened immune systems should avoid tap water. These people’s bodies may be more sensitive to diseases that can be caused by the use of tap water. Cancer or HIV patients, all should avoid using tap water or boiling water before drinking.

Tap water cannot be taken directly in Vietnam

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For the above reasons, it is essential to filter the water before it is put into use. There are plenty of water options to drink instead of tap water. Bottled drinking water, for example. However, to save money and use it for a long time, investing in a home water purifier is still the best solution for daily drinking sources.

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