4 loại nước mát thần thánh giải nhiệt sảng khoái

4 types of divine cool water for refreshing heat

Hot sunny days are nothing better than a glass of cool water, right? Especially with completely natural ingredients, cooling water will help you cool off quickly and are good for long term health. Generally called cool water because all 4 types of water below are effective in cooling the body. This cooling effect is not […]

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ly trà đào cam sả

How To Make Fresh Peach Tea And Peach Orange Lemongrass Tea To Attract Customers When Business

Out how to make peach tea Available in cans, you will have a standard drink with 3 elements: fragrant – nutritious – attractive from how to make peach tea Home fresh and how to make citrus peach tea. Learn how to combine more with orange, lemon, lemongrass, kumquat … to catch up with modern tea […]

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Bí quyết pha chanh dây trứng không bị tanh

The secret to mixing passion fruit is not fishy

Drinks with eggs are fatty and delicious, but if not handled carefully, they can easily become fishy. However, if you know how to handle it properly, you will have an attractive and delicious drink. Let’s find out the recipe to make a passion fruit dish right here. Passion fruit is a very popular ingredient for […]

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Pha chế nước nhãn ngọt lịm thanh tao

Making a simple fresh and sweet longan juice at home

In addition to eating fresh, cooked with Thai tea, making ice cream … longan is also an ingredient to make a unique drink. Fresh longan has a sweet taste and characteristic aroma, so not everyone knows how to create a delicious, standardized longan. The longan season is coming, you are a fan of this fruit, […]

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Thức uống bổ dưỡng giải pháp cho sức khỏe

Healthy drink safe solution for you

The healthy and nutritious beverage theme in the Special Blending program at Eurasian Brewing Teaching will provide tips on preparing healthy drinks, in preparation for the 2017 Lunar New Year season. Names like salted lemon juice, green pea cheeks, coconut lotus water, red apple chamomile tea, aloe vera sugar… must be very familiar, known not […]

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Cách pha chế nước chanh detox giảm cân

How to prepare lemon juice detox lose weight

Detox is one of the drinks that is very popular not only for its fresh, natural taste, but also for its very effective skin beauty and weight loss effects. Detox is one of the top choices for women who want to regain their slim, neat physique. Teaching Asian European Recipe will guide you on how […]

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Cùng làm nước ép bí đao giảm cân dễ uống

Together make squash juice for weight loss easy to drink

Squash is a healthy green food that can be processed into delicious dishes or drinks like Squash juice. Today Asian Brewing Teaching introduces you to the recipe How to make squash juice effectively reduce belly fat. What is the effect of squash juice? Drinking squash juice is a fast and safe method to help you […]

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Trà lúa mạch thức uống giảm cân từ thiên nhiên

Barley tea is a natural weight loss drink

Not only is a delicious drink, but barley tea also helps to dissolve excess fat, lose weight, and detoxify. A great health secret from nature. Barley tea is a combination of barley, fresh lemongrass, ginger and agave nectar. Barley is a food rich in energy, extremely nutritious, contains powerful antioxidants, helps the body “fight” with […]

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Cách làm rau má đậu xanh nước dừa giải nhiệt ngày nóng

How to make green beans, coconut water, heat up a hot day

Have you found yourself a delicious, nutritious and cheap drink on a hot day? If not, try this coconut milk green bean curd dish right away with the simple recipe in the following article. Teaching Asian European Blends ensures you will be surprised by the delicious taste, freshness and great use of the drink. Gotu […]

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Công thức pha chế nước hạt sen nhãn nhục thanh nhiệt

How to Cook Lotus Seed Water with Heat

Longan lotus seed water is a nutritious drink, whose name has been shown to be refreshing, cooling. This nutritious drink is easy to make, with just a few simple steps. Let’s teach Asian Mixture lotus seed water logan help cool the whole family Longan lotus seeds help heat up and sleep well Instead of cooking […]

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