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Barrier products have a superior design

The process of rapid industrialization and urbanization combined with the current population growth rate, water pollution for domestic use is an inevitable problem in our life. To cope with water pollution, people need to prepare different measures to protect the health of the whole family, including the use of water purifiers. Therefore, many families have equipped themselves with a clean water filter for use. More seriously, at present, domestic water sources in many areas of the country are believed to be contaminated with arsenic, iron, excess chlorine … making the equipment of a household water purifier even more necessary. Outstanding among the thousands of water purification products on the market, Barrier is proud to be one of the top 5 brands of water filtration technology in Russia. BARRIER’s products are not only superior in quality but also are elegantly designed, compact and suitable for all families.

1. BARRIER water filter

Barrier water purifier is a remarkable product in water purification. Not only effective water filtration, but we also bring many other benefits for users:Barrier water purification products

1.The purified water is pure mineral water clean water standards of Europe, America, WHO and Vietnam. Mineral-kept water meets Vietnam’s drinking water standards QCVN01: 2009 / BYT.

2. No electricity bills, do not use electricity The danger will be completely eliminated when exposed to electricity.

3.When do not use pumps It will avoid the noise caused by pump operation during use, no need to worry about pump maintenance and repair. Avoid the negative effects of noise on nerves

4.No waste water thus saving money on wasted wastewater. Normally, old water filtration technologies have a very large proportion of wastewater accounting for 7/10 parts of water intake. When the cost of drinking water is high, when in dry areas, water is precious and cannot be wasted.

5. Everyday, get clean, standardized water and everyone can use it safely, very cheap price 2000VND / water bottle. If you buy filtered water in the market, the price is up to 15,000 – 40,000 VND / bottle.

6.The water filter is luxuriously designed, classy, ​​cool white. It not only provides clean water but also a decorative item that makes the room narrow or spacious.

7. Barrier water filter very neat, not much cores, but Nano core in the machine works extremely efficiently and is 360 times stronger than the activated carbon filter. Therefore it only needs very few filter aids. As a result, the machine does not need a lot of cores and the size of the receiver is very small.

8.In addition to the above advantages, when drinking water through Barrier water purifiers, The beneficial minerals are very easily absorbed by the body because they are retained in nanoscale dimensions.

9. The filtered water is immediately drinkable without having to be cooked NSF42 international standard, 53.

barrier products have superior design

The barrier water purifier has a superior design

2. BARRIER water filter

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BARRIER water filter is designed with many different models and sizes, suitable to the needs of users. BARRIER water purifier has bright and diverse colors for customers to choose from. BARRIER flasks: Extra, Style, Norma, Smart, …

– All BARRIER cylinders have a strong watertight thread, ensuring that uncleaned water does not flow into filtered water.

– The tank shell is made from BASF high quality plastic from Germany, absolutely safe for the user.

– Powerful filtration: The core has a NanoPlus filter surface. Can cover 10 football fields, filter out harmful substances in the water such as arsenic, heavy metals, phenol, chlorine, chloroform and other organic compounds.

– The filtered water still retains natural minerals, helping to improve the health of users

barrier products have superior design

Barrier water filter, safe for your health

BARRIER has a team of experienced experts and enthusiastic research and development specialists. They always aspire to perfect more products, in order to deliver these water purification products the best quality, the most modern, the safest for everyone.

Above Aqualife Vietnam has provided you with some useful information about the superiority of the barrier products. For more advice,please contact :

HOTLINE: 1900 63 65 87

Showroom showroom products: No. 173 – Alley 279 – Doi Can – Ba Dinh – Hanoi.

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