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4 Biến tấu từ gạo lứt vừa bổ dưỡng vừa ngon dễ làm

4 brown rice drinks that are both nutritious and delicious

In the previous post, we introduced you to Korean rice milk, right? In this article I will introduce to you brown rice drink. Brown rice is not only used to cook nutritious porridge dishes but also can be made drinks like milk or tea for the whole family to enjoy with great benefits! In addition […]

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2 công thức nước uống giải nhiệt từ Dâu Tây

2 cooling drink recipes from Strawberry

Strawberries not only possess a lovely “appearance”, irresistible sweetness, and a red, ruby-like fruit that is loved for more than that. As the ingredients used in the concoction to create eye-catching, attractive, strawberry drinks are delicious, cool and many good for health. So, if this summer, you have been “bored” with many kinds of strawberry […]

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Cách làm siro hoa bụp giấm cho thức uống giải nhiệt

How to make hibiscus syrup for a cool drink

If you are concerned about using commercially available bottle syrups, you can make syrups from natural and safe ingredients with this simple hibiscus syrup guide below. Hibiscus (Hibiscus) is known as a valuable herb with good health benefits such as cool liver, diuretic, increase resistance, cough, sore throat … Originating from West Africa, this flower […]

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Cách Nấu Trà Bưởi Mật Ong Giữ Dáng Thon Thả

How to Cook Honey Grapefruit Tea To Keep Slim

Honey pomelo tea is the first choice for those who are on a weight loss route. Cool grapefruit essential oil combined with sweet honey to bring a drink friendly to the body, prevent excess fat accumulation. To ensure that the nutrients remain the same after preparation, you can refer to how to cook sweet honey […]

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bí quyết nấu trà bí đao

Natural Sweet Squash Tea Recipes

Learn how to cook squash tea To enjoy on hot weather days or use after parties is a great choice for your health. Drinks cooked from healthy natural ingredients will help the body balance nutrients, support the treatment of hot illness in the body, purification can be effective. The secret to cooking squash tea with […]

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trà gừng mật ong

How To Make A Healthy Honey Ginger Tea

Quite familiar and popular but not everyone knows how to make honey ginger tea Yes, keeping many essential nutrients for health. With Recipe for making ginger tea with honey That Asia Europe Brewing Teaching below shares, you have a more perfect drink, not only attractive, delicious, but also effective in taking care of the family’s […]

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trà hoa vạn thọ

How to Make Marigold Tea Preventing Diseases

If your garden grows a lot of marigold flowers, do not ignore taking advantage of this precious ingredient to make marigold tea – healthy drink. Or you can buy fresh flowers at home and process them by hand, you also have delicious and nutritious marigold tea for the family. Ages ago long ago, Marigold has […]

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nước rễ chanh mía lau

How To Cook Cane Painting Root Water To Wipe The Heat Detoxification Bar

Long time folk have found out how to cook sugar cane root juice Beverages. Later, this type of water was also discovered to have a magical effect on body heat. At all times of the year, especially in the hot season, cane cane root juice is one of the favorite body-cooling drinks. Knowing how to […]

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Hướng dẫn cách nấu nước sâm mía lau thơm bổ tại nhà

Instructions on how to cook aromatic cane-sugar cane juice at home

Nowhere is that, from simple ingredients in everyday life, knowing how to combine and formulate sugar cane ginseng juice Hey, you will have a delicious, nutritious drink for your family to enjoy. Sugar cane ginseng juice is a refreshing drink, treating dry mouth, sweating, purifying the body, eliminating harmful residues, diuretics. Popular among folk, this […]

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How To Cook Healthy Corn Beard Water

How To Cook Healthy Corn Beard Water

You have heard a lot about its uses for a long time corn stubble also known as corn stubble but unknown how to cook corn stubble This is so delicious, easy to drink and most of all healthy nutrients. Let’s learn the secret together cook corn stubble Effective cooling help right below! Which ingredients are […]

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