Alkaline Green Milk – Alkaline Green Mylk

That milk is green! Isn’t it strange?

Here is the slightly modified recipe for the original recipe in the book “The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health” author Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc., a nutritionist and microbiologist, is a world speaker on health and wellness. The book focuses on the main message: pH balance in the body is the key to optimal health, ideal weight and mental clarity. That balance can be achieved by nourishing the body with alkaline foods, thereby reducing health problems such as poor digestion, overweight, poor energy, pain and diseases. The book contains many alkaline recipes, selected from ingredients such as tomatoes, lemons, grapefruit, green vegetables, avocados, sprouts and seeds.

If you have tried making almond milk at home, you can see how simple and delicious it is. If you have a press. You can absolutely try this alkaline Green Milk recipe.

Celery Rich in sodium for health benefits. Celery contains more than 90% water, 1.95% nitrogen compound, 0.07% fat, 1.15% fiber and vitamins A, B, C, minerals like Mg, Mn, Fe, I , Cu, K, P, Ca and vitamin P. Celery’s characteristic aromatic essential oils are selinene and butyl phthalide.

Cucumber Provides alkaline salt and provides water with very low calories. Cucumbers are also scientifically shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Spinach Very rich in chlorophyll (chlorophyll) and containing plant protein and in the top list of vegetables with the most health benefits. Spinach is rich in both vitamins and minerals and has very high antioxidant properties.

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Almonds also have protein and beneficial fats.


(1) Almond milk – 600ml (How to make almond milk here)

(2) Vegetable juice (green juice) – 400ml

2 cucumbers
1 stalk of celery
2 handfuls of spinach
A few stalks of mint leaves or herbs leaves (optional)


Put the ingredients for the juice into the press, which can be filtered through the sieve to ensure no residue.

Pour the green juice (2) into the almond milk (1), stir, you will get 1l of Green Almond Milk.

This milk can be kept in a tightly closed bottle in the refrigerator cooler for 2 days.

This is a rather strange combination. I know you may be a little shy. Do not worried. This milk is cool and easy to drink. If you do it for the first time you can. The milk has a very mild fragrance, a very light green color.

Wish you have more alkaline foods for your body!

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