5 kinds of delicious foods that

5 kinds of delicious foods that “poison” you

We do not always eat to recharge energy and nutrients for the body. There are times when we eat just for our taste and crave for something. However, please limit the following foods, they are not good for your health!

1. Shrimp noodles

Instant noodles are foods containing a lot of salt, grease, and carbohydrates. Therefore, if you regularly eat instant noodles every day, you will load a large amount of salt and fat in the body. Consequently, you will have to face the risk of being overweight, obese, increasing blood pressure, stroke, hyperglycemia, metabolic disorders, …

During the processing process, instant noodles are fried through oil and then dried. It cannot be guaranteed that the frying process is using clean cooking oil and of clear origin.

2. Snack

This is a regular snack of young people in chatting with friends, watching movies or simply during recess, in free time.

Similar to instant noodles, in the snacks that you often call “snacks” that are high in fat, sugar, salt and trans fat. Besides, there are spices, colorants, odorants and preservatives. These substances stimulate your taste buds, appetite and even make you crave it every day.

However, regular intake of these substances can lead to heart-related diseases, blood fat, obesity, fibrosis, …

3. Carbonated beverages

Eating fried food and drinking carbonated drinks is a “perfect couple” in terms of taste. However, this is also the “pair of circumstances” about the problems that they cause to your health if you regularly use them.

Carbonated water not only reduces the appetite in fried, meat-rich meals. Many people also use it for refreshment. Carbonated beverages also make you feel more energized, more alert and satisfy the taste of many people.

However, carbonated soft drinks do not bring any nutritional value to you. It is high in sugar and other additives that can lead to health problems such as obesity, diabetes, urinary disorders, kidney stones, tooth erosion, tooth enamel changes, and tooth decay.

4. Types of confectionery

Biscuits, crackers, marshmallows, hard candies, … all contain large amounts of color and sugar. The nutritional content is almost nonexistent, so it is not beneficial to the body but can lead to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, aging, tooth decay, …

5. Fast food, ready-to-eat

Food is marinated, processed, frozen food and when there is a need to eat just fry or reheat with grease, microwave, … Fast food is marinated by shops. often use too many appetite additives to retain customers.

Especially meat dishes such as fried chicken, fried beef balls, sausages, sausages, … No one can guarantee that the source of meat is food hygiene and safety and does not harm your health. Furthermore, meat has been treated with additives and preservatives that alter the taste and nutrients of the meat. After processing, the substances such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals in meat are almost eliminated, so these dishes do not bring nutritional value to you.

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