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5 golden rules to help children avoid sexual abuse

5 golden rules to help children avoid sexual abuse

The best way to help prevent the risk of abuse is to teach them self-protection skills. Depending on the child’s age and awareness to guide knowledge – skills from simple to complex.

1. Provide knowledge about the sex and sensitive areas of the body

This is the first thing you have to teach your children to partly understand the problem. In many cases, the babies are abused without being able to recognize the seriousness of the problem. The reason they are not taught about it. Quickly teach the basics of gender to children. As soon as possible!

Call “RIGHT” the name of the body parts and talk with your child about them early. Feel free to use metaphorical names like “little girl” or “little butterfly” that makes the child WITHOUT expressing correctly if something happens.

2. Some body parts are “inalienable”

Children aged 3 years and over can remember quite well the advice of their parents, teachers and grandparents. If your child is 3 years old, immediately force him to memorize the restricted areas on the body that cannot be seen or touched by outsiders. Only a parent, relative or other health worker with parental consent can access the child.

3. Teaching children about “body limits”

Teach your children how to keep your distance from strangers. Children must always remember that in any situation, no one should touch their genitals. Conversely, children should not touch anyone’s genitals.

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Often parents will forget the second part. Sexual abusers often ask children to touch their private or other person’s private areas.

4. Regularly confide in children so that they do not hide anything

Some children, including children and adolescents, have a hard time sharing with their parents. The first may be that their parents are too strict to make them afraid. Second, children feel that their parents do not care and pay attention to their problems. Therefore, parents should understand children’s psychology and learn to build trust and connections with their children so they are willing to share.

Most abusers will lure them to keep what they do a secret by buying things they like. Some even threatened to make children extremely afraid. Please accompany and fight with your child. Always monitor and be alert to children about the dangers of abuse. No one has the right to ask children to hide anything from their parents.

5. Stay away from suspects

Tell children to stay away from secluded places where there are many suspicious objects. People standing close or intentionally causing physical contact, please quickly find ways to avoid or notify those around you immediately.

In particular, do not allow strangers to take pictures of themselves or take pictures of sensitive areas of the body. This is also often ignored by parents. There is a world full of sick pedophiles who love to take pictures and buy and sell pictures of naked children online. It is best to tell the child that no one should take pictures of sensitive areas.

All of the above rules apply to everyone, including acquaintances and other children. Even friends, aunts and uncles, neighbors, teachers, and coaches, even when they think they need help.

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