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4 Ways To Make Delicious Sugarcane Juice Cool Down For Summer

With 4 how to make sugar cane juice below, you will no longer worry that the cane juice shop is “dull”. In addition to enriching the menu for opening a restaurant, these are also very suitable sugarcane drinks for the whole family to enjoy, supplement nutrition, energy and cool off summer days.

Sugarcane juice – a popular cooling drink (Photo: Internet)

Sugarcane juice is a refreshing beverage “great” in the summer, very popular in many localities. Today, besides traditional sugarcane juice, sugarcane juice is transformed with many different ingredients such as coconut milk, strawberries, green beans or durian. Therefore, this drink is even more delicious, exotic and nutritious, attracting more customers to choose from.

How to make coconut milk sugar at home

Sugar cane juice with coconut milk It is a famous beverage in My Tho with the fatty taste of coconut milk, the cool natural sweetness of sugarcane juice, a few chewable coconut fibers on hot sunny days, isn’t it wonderful?

Learn how to make famous coconut milk sugar in My Tho (Photo: Internet)

Raw materials for coconut milk sugarcane juice

  • 100ml cane juice (pre-pressed)
  • 30ml coconut milk
  • Ice
  • 10gr of dried coconut
  • Tools: cup, blender, spoon …

Steps to making coconut milk

Step 1: If you do not have a sugar cane presser, you can buy sugarcane juice available without adding ice or kumquat or pineapple. You can use pre-bottled coconut milk, but for the drink to be delicious and quality, you should buy grated coconut and make your own juice.

Step 2: You put sugarcane juice, coconut milk in the blender, press the button to run for about 30 seconds to get a delicious drink on summer day.

Step 3: Pour the drink into a glass, add ice and decorate the drink with a little coconut fiber and dried coconut to make the drink more attractive.

– Small tip: adding sugarcane juice and coconut milk to the blender instead of stirring it well will help the coconut milk and cane juice blend better, helping you feel the full flavor of the drink.

How to make simple green bean cane juice

With the fatty taste of green beans mingled with the sweetness of sugarcane juice, it will be the perfect drink that is both nutritious and effective. Drinks contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

Sweet green bean cane juice (Photo: Internet)

Raw materials for green bean cane juice

  • 100ml of cane juice
  • 200gr green beans
  • Ice
  • Tools: cups, blender

Instructions for making green bean cane juice

Step 1: Green beans you soak in warm water for about 2 hours to bloom and then steam them. You can add a little pineapple leaves during the steaming process to make the green beans more fragrant.

Step 2: Put 50gr green beans, 100ml of sugar cane juice in the blender, press the blender button for smooth green beans and blend into the cane juice, then turn off the machine.

Step 3: Pour green bean cane juice into a glass, add ice cubes and enjoy immediately.

How to make strawberry cane juice strange mouth

This is the combination of traditional cane juice and the great taste of strawberries to create a delicious, irresistible drink.

Strawberry cane juice is a delicious and delicious combination (Photo: Internet)

Raw materials for strawberry cane juice

  • 100ml of cane juice
  • 50gr strawberries
  • 1 teaspoon sugar water
  • Ice
  • Tools: cups, blender

How to make strawberry cane juice

Step 1: Soak the strawberries in dilute salt water before rinsing and cut into quarters.

Step 2: Put the sliced ​​strawberries, cane juice, and sugar in a blender and puree for 20-30 seconds.

Step 3: Pour drinks into a glass, add ice and decorate with strawberry pieces on top to be used.

– Tip: This drink helps to refresh the taste of yourself and your family. The combination of cane juice with fruit, isn’t that a bad idea, right?

How to make durian cane juice addictive

If you especially love the distinctive flavor of durian, you can immediately try this fragrant sweet cane juice at home.

Durian cane juice has a unique taste (Photo: Internet)

Raw materials for durian cane juice

  • 100ml of cane juice
  • 1 pack of durian
  • Ice
  • Tools: cups, blender

How to make durian cane juice

Step 1: Remove seeds from durian zone and separate the rice. You should pay attention to choose a ripe durian zone, don’t be embarrassed!

Step 2: Add sugar cane juice, durian in a blender, and grind the mixture for about 20 seconds.

Step 3: Pour drinks into a glass, add ice cubes to enjoy.

Small tip: You can add steamed green beans to increase the fat in the drink.

What is the effect of drinking cane juice?

Effects of sugar cane juice very rich. In addition to its quenching ability, this drink is also known as a nutritional and energy drink. Sugarcane juice contains natural sugar ingredients that help replenish your energy for work and study. Because it contains sugar, many people wonder is it fat? And the answer is no if every day you drink from 100ml – 200ml in the morning before eating or in the afternoon and do not drink in the evening.

In 1 cup of cane juice, about 13 grams of fiber, equivalent to 50% of the fiber your body needs each day. Fiber is good for the skin and intestines, helps you digest well, prevents constipation. In addition, sugarcane juice contains anti-inflammatory properties, reduces bad cholesterol, enhances metabolism, helps the body recover from fever …

Juice from sugarcane provides energy and vitamins for the body (Photo: Internet)

How to preserve sugarcane juice is not black

For delicious sugarcane juice and can be preserved throughout the day without going black, you need to pay attention to the selection of sugarcane. You should choose fresh sugarcane plants that are not decayed, damaged, or preliminarily processed before using. Sugarcane juice presses must ensure hygiene and drainage. Sugar cane juice after pressing, you add a little lemon juice. With this secret, your cane juice retains its beautiful green color and tastes more delicious, without being bitter and black.

Note that you should use cane juice right after pressing. If sugarcane juice is left over, put it in a glass jar, cover it tightly, put it in the refrigerator and use it all during the day!

Sugarcane juice business now does not stop at traditional glasses of sugarcane juice such as sugarcane juice, aromatic cane juice, but also expands with many different flavors. Refreshing the restaurant’s menu by 4 how to make sugar cane juice Above will help you attract more customers. Or you can also refer to how to mix the crocodile juice and how to cook delicious aloe vera at Eurasian Mixing Teaching to add to the menu!

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