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Archive Monthly Archives: February 2021

Sweet and sour green juice from vegetable, orange, and pineapple juice

This recipe uses the familiar spinach in green juice. You can completely replace with another green vegetable depending on the season. Combined with pineapple sweetness and aroma and mild acidity in oranges. Celery has a mild aroma, is a natural mineral salt-rich food, and cucumber, a common base in green juice, is a highly alkaline […]

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Simply Powerful – Vegetable juice recipe with anti-cancer ingredients

Juices from fresh fruits and vegetables are the best thing you can do for your body, besides physical exercises and breathing. In addition to being super nutritious, vegetable juices are also quite full (that’s why people don’t have much need for snacks when they drink juice). Instead of junk junk food, drinking juice, or even […]

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Lotus Treasure Green Juice – Reduce diarrhea and stop bleeding with fresh Lotus Root juice

Lotus root is good for the respiratory system, bleeding and diarrhea. In Chinese cuisine, lotus root is commonly used in the summer and ranks as valuable herbs, especially good for digestion and bleeding problems. Drinking fresh lotus juice continuously for a few days can help stop bleeding, such as bleeding from the stomach, nose, gums, […]

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Natural color drifting cake from vegetable juice

Coming to the Lunar New Year on March 3, have you prepared to make vegetarian cake float? Normally the original drift cake is white. However, sometimes a little innovation in colors that will appeal to children, and adults alike. For example, a plate of floating cakes to light incense for the altar and having colors […]

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Minty Kale – Cool summer mint kale juice

Kale is one of the most nutritious foods around. Among raw vegetables (juices, smoothies or salads), kale has been extremely celebrated in recent years. Some of the health benefits it offers include immune boosting, cardiovascular support, skin healing, good bone health, detoxification, and anti-cancer nutrients. Kale has properties that can help fight at least 5 […]

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