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Archive Monthly Archives: October 2020

Hẹn hò ngày nóng với trà quất Hà Thành

Dating hot day with Ha Thanh kumquat tea

Ha Thanh kumquat tea is a popular, popular, delicious drink, sour, sweet, sweet and fragrant with tea and kumquat flavor to help melt the heat. Let’s learn the recipe for this famous drink of the Period with Eurasian Brewery to enjoy at home. Kumquat tea is very healthy, rich in vitamin C, so it helps […]

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Trà hoa hồng giúp xua tan cảm cúm

Rose tea helps dispel flu

Rose tea has both the warm taste of ginger and the mild fragrance of roses, and honey will help you to prevent the flu very well in erratic weather. In particular, flower tea also helps women to own beautiful, healthy, glowing skin from within. And you only take 5 minutes to prepare this warm cup […]

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Sữa đậu nành lá dứa nhà nấu ngon bổ rẻ

How to cook delicious and delicious cheap pineapple bean milk at home

Instead of the usual way to cook soy milk, you can combine it pandan leaf soy milk for a more intense fragrance. The faint smell of pineapple leaves helps calm your mood too. Soybeans are one of the types of beans that have good health benefits. Unlike other beans that normally cook tea, soybeans become […]

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Thưởng thức chè đậu đen bánh lọt ngon mát

Enjoy delicious black bean tea cake

The fragrant black bean cake is fragrant with the tough, supple filter cakes combined with the extremely attractive sweet coconut rice. Let’s learn how to cook black bean tea with pancakes to enjoy on hot days! Black bean sweet soup, sweet, delicious, and super easy to make Tea is a special dish, you can use […]

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Hương vị thái lan qua món chè củ năng trái cây

Thai flavor through fruit tea

This week’s category of delicious tea recipes introduces you how to make delicious fruit and melon tea, has a cooling effect that will be very suitable for hot days. Especially if you are hot inside, then in addition to the heat-cooling dishes Potato tea challenge fruit It is also not a bad choice! Tea is […]

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Nước sen dừa giải nhiệt và bổ dưỡng

Instructions on how to make a cooling and nutritious coconut lotus seed water

The high temperature on summer days still seems to show no signs of decreasing, our bodies always feel uncomfortable and tired? This is the time when you need drinks that are high in heat and healthy. Coconut lotus seed water is both delicious and easy to make will make a great choice for you. Let’s […]

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trà táo xanh bạc hà

Create “Drink Trend” From New Mint Green Apple Tea Making

Surely you are too familiar with the names of fruit teas, right? Today, DPCAAu will reveal how to prepare green apple mint green tea with a completely new version, with just a little “tip”. Green apple tea with mint green tea is cool and sweet When preparing refreshing fruit teas such as green apple tea, […]

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trà hoa cúc táo đỏ kỷ tử

How To Make Healthy Red Apple Chrysanthemum Tea

Red apple chrysanthemum tea is a healthy drink, especially for those who suffer from headaches, dizziness, and nervous tension. How to make red apple chrysanthemum tea that Teaching Asian European Brewing Guide is very simple, but delicious, easy to drink. Learn how to make chamomile tea with a pleasant herb flavor Ingredients For Red Apple […]

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Giải khát với trà chanh dưa leo mới lạ

Refreshing with novel cucumber lemon tea

Lemon tea is a drink that is very popular with young people because of its simplicity and delicious taste, not only that, it also contains a lot of vitamin C which is very good for the body. Lemon tea is processed into many different flavors to suit the unique taste of the person enjoying. Let’s […]

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Lạc vào miền nhiệt đới cùng dừa tắc hạt sen

Lost in the tropics with coconut kumquat lotus seeds

Coconut is considered one of the most popular street drinks in Ho Chi Minh City. Still keeping the foundation of the cool, refreshing coconut, today Teach Mix will help you to transform this drink with a little coconut milk and lotus seeds. Delicious lotus seed kumquat coconut, coolsuitable for hot sunny noon This mixed lotus […]

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