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11 electrical safety rules for every home

The improper use of electricity, not completely can cause dangerous cases. It can even damage your life. Therefore, ensuring electrical safety when using is extremely important. Let’s find out about safety measures when using electricity properly and appropriately in the article below.

Why must electrical safety rules be followed?

Electricity is the main source of energy in human daily life. However, it is also an extremely dangerous substance. When using electricity incorrectly. It can cause enormous damage to the life and property of users.

According to the statistics of the Industrial Safety Technique and Environment Department, the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Every year, there are about 400 to 500 electrical accidents in the country. Killed between 350 and 400 people, and injured hundreds more. In which, 70% of accidents are caused by unsafety in the process of using electricity at home and daily life.

Electricity is the main energy source in daily life

Electricity is the main energy source in daily life

Safety rules when using electricity

1. Install the electrical switch properly

One of the first electrical safety rules that you need to follow is to take care of the correct circuit installation of your devices. When installing, it is necessary to install a circuit breaker or an aptomat at the end of the main power supply cord and branch branches on the floors. In addition, it is necessary to install a fuse in front of the electrical outlets to disconnect the current when there is a short, or overload, to prevent electric fire. Switching protective device should be installed on phase line, preferably phase wire and neutral wire should be installed simultaneously.

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2. Select suitable electrical switch

The selection of protective switch must be suitable for using capacity, with lid covering live part. It is advisable to install anti-leakage equipment to prevent dangerous electrical problems, especially in flooded areas.

Switch should have a lid to cover live part

Switch should have a lid to cover live part

3. Installation location of breakers, fuses, switches, power outlets

To ensure the safety when using electricity in the home, the location of the circuit breakers, fuses, switches, and power outlets must be high and convenient to use. For households with young children or in areas likely to be flooded, it should be careful to place at least 1.4 meters above the floor and floor.

4. Keep a safe distance from home power

Do not touch where there are electricity in the house such as: power outlets, circuit breakers, fuses without lids, wiring connections, bare wires … to avoid fatal electric shock. When using hand-held power tools (drills, grinders, etc.), low voltage insulation gloves must be worn to prevent electric shock when the tool leaks.

5. Keep away from dangerous voltage

Keep contact distance away, safe to avoid high voltage discharge, leading to serious consequences. In dangerous high-voltage places, use interlocks, signal lights, hazard signs and fences to prevent inadvertent contact.

6. Avoid using electrical equipment while it is charging

Not both using and charging the phone. Or appliances such as heating bags, … When charging is complete, it should be removed to avoid fire and explosion and endanger if any family has small children when your children accidentally play with them.

Charging while using technology equipment is extremely dangerous

Charging while using technology equipment is extremely dangerous

7. When installing electrical equipment in the home

Absolutely do not install electrical equipment in wet, flooded areas. Do not place electrical heating equipment near flammable objects. It is necessary to conduct the grounding of metal shells for electrical equipment in houses such as: water purifier, refrigerator, electric stove, washing machine, … to prevent electric fire. As a little advice, you should use non-electric devices if possible. Typically, current water purifiers have applied advanced technology and do not need to use electricity.

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8. Use good quality electrical equipment

Indoor wires must be placed in insulated pipes and use wire with insulating sheath, with wire cross-section large enough so that the wires are not overloaded, which can easily lead to fire. At the same time, do not use poor quality electrical wires, electrical equipment, and household appliances.

9. When testing power lines

During use, it is necessary to pay attention to electrical safety procedures. Regularly check lines, electrical switches and protection devices. Such as: circuit breakers, fuses, switches, sockets, … Devices using electricity in the home. Besides, it is best to disconnect the power of the device when not in use to prevent fire, explosion or electric shock.

In the case of broken electrical wires, insulation or damaged electrical equipment and appliances. Requires replacement or repair to continue in use. If you want to do it yourself, observe safety measures during electrical repair or contact a professional electrician for help.

Should contact a professional electrician

Should contact a professional electrician

10. When flooded, heavy rain, thunder and lightning

In these cases, it is necessary to quickly separate the antenna cable from the TV to avoid the spread of lightning, unplug equipment such as: television, computer, … disconnect the power. If flooded, storms speed up the roof, fall walls, … cut the circuit breaker to ensure safety.

It is necessary to wear insulating boots when opening and closing the circuit breaker of the power distribution board. Wet or sweaty hands are not allowed to open and close the circuit breaker.

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11. Periodic electrical equipment warranty

The general principle of operation of household electrical appliances is to use the heating wire to heat directly or indirectly. If the product is of the wrong quality or improperly assembled, it is very dangerous. Need to regularly check, repair, replace immediately if the device is damaged. In order not to lead to the danger of fire and explosion, electric leakage causing fatal electric shock …

If you maintain or repair household electrical appliances, you are not sure about the safety. If you do not have enough protection equipment, you should not repair it yourself. Please quickly contact a professional home water repair service to come for treatment.

Regularly inspect and guarantee electrical equipment

Regularly inspect and guarantee electrical equipment

Above are some rules to use electricity properly and safely. For all individuals and families. Remember to fully observe all measures for the safe use of electricity. Avoid endangering yourself and your family.

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