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10 great benefits of direct hot and cold water purifiers

Drinking water is an indispensable minimum for every human being. Although in the past, the water source was quite clean and safe, completely usable when filtered through raw water filters, boiled, … is usable. However, today, when the water source is no longer secure, it is imperative that we have better solutions to bring a safer and more convenient water source. Among them, the most prominent can be referred to as a direct hot and cold water purifier.

Current water condition

The current, water source is polluted serious. This water source does not have many types of dirt, bacteria, parasites, … Or is polluted from organic and inorganic substances from human waste. More dangerously, the previous methods of water treatment could not fully treat these harmful ingredients.

As we all know, the presence of dangerous chemicals and metals in our water supplies and these materials can become the main cause of health problems. Just a small amount of energy and chemicals can lead to permanent health problems as they accumulate in your body.

Therefore, when there is pollution in your water. Such as hard water, smells iron or has an unpleasant taste, … Treat immediately with water filters. To be able to ensure safe water for health.

The current water source cannot guarantee health

The current water source cannot guarantee health

What is direct hot and cold water purifier?

The direct hot and cold water purifier is a modern drinking water purification device that produces a clean output water that meets the standards of bottled water and purified water of the Ministry of Health. Users can drink water directly after filtration without having to go through any water treatment steps, including boiling water.

This is the integration of water purifiers and chillers. With modern technology, it can directly use domestic water source, not 20L bottle like conventional water purifier. It is considered as a 2-in-1 water purifier. With full functions and functions of a water purifier and a water heater. The same mechanism works exactly the same as conventional water purifiers. However, the direct hot and cold water purifier has many more improvements.

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Types of direct hot and cold water purifiers

On the market today there are many types of hot and cold water purifiers. In which, the most prominent can be mentioned 2 lines of water purifiers using 2 most popular technologies on the market. It is water purifier with RO technology and Nano technology

Nano water purifier Using a micro-filter that can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, impurities, and heavy metals.

Both the current Nano and RO water purifier products ensure that the output water still has enough healthy minerals. Gives you a source of water that is both clean and safe and provides minerals with health benefits.

Especially the water purifier using Nano technology produces the purest water available today and has overcome the disadvantage of too clean filtration that removes healthy minerals by retaining minerals. Beneficial for health consumers can use it with peace of mind.

In addition, the UV, UF technologies are still a very good choice for you to get clean drinking water directly.

There are many lines of hot and cold water purifiers on the market

There are many lines of hot and cold water purifiers on the market

The great benefits of direct hot and cold water purifiers

1. Safe for health

The first and foremost reason to own a water purifier is a healthy water source that benefits users. The water that goes through the water purifier will have less bacteria, less heavy metals. And maybe even less chemical contamination than direct tap water. People who regularly drink filtered water find that the best benefit is that they are more alert. Less digestive problems and a feeling of better health than when they drink water from water that has not been properly treated.

2. Can be taken directly without boiling

Water output from Direct drinking water purifier using modern completely pure Nano filter technology. Helps eliminate completely the risk of harm to the health of the user. In addition, there are many types of machines with healthy mineral supplement cores.

In particular, the water purifier is integrated with modern and advanced technologies. Helps to minimize reinfection of bacteria in the filtered water. Therefore, you can safely use it without reheating.

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The filtered water can be drunk directly without reheating

The filtered water can be drunk directly without reheating

3. Convenient heating – cold function

The direct hot and cold water purifier is preferred by users because the hot and cold function is very convenient to use. Getting hot water to make tea, coffee, and making milk will be very easy because there is no need to cook or get cold drinks in the summer like being chilled in the refrigerator.

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Usually these machines have a fast heating temperature up to 85-95 degrees C and the deep cooling speed can be down to 6-10 degrees C. In which:

  • Heating principle:When the water plant works, the incandescent will generate heat to heat the water in the reservoir, when the water reaches the default uncontrolled temperature, the relay will override the heat, the heating mode will shut off and maintain to keep warm water. When the temperature in the warm water tank decreases, the relay will close and supply power to the hot working side. This process is repeated throughout the use of the machine.
  • Refrigeration principle:This type of water purifier uses the principle of blockage similar to the refrigerator. However, the cooling system of a water purifier is smaller than a refrigerator. Therefore, the evaporator is a spiral tube for cooling water. To ensure that the cold water temperature is 6-10 degrees Celsius, the machine will be arranged with a thermal switch to stop the compressor. In order to ensure cold water is always at a temperature of 6-10 degrees C. This process takes place during the use of the machine.

4. 2 in 1 design

The direct hot and cold water purifier fully converges the features of 2 product lines: water purification equipment and hot and cold water plants. Thanks to that, just owning a product, users can satisfy the need to use hot and cold water immediately while still ensuring the quality of the water source. This product has a quite compact design, simple installation will save maximum costs for users.

5. Safety design

To ensure safety during use, the direct hot and cold water purifier uses a safety lock to avoid heat to protect children. The distance between the taps and from the taps to the water tank is carefully calculated so that the user is most convenient to get water, including high cups, low cups or take water into water tanks.

6. Ease of use

The product has 2 separate hot and cold water taps so users can easily get water. In addition, integrated smart features bring safety to use such as: full water alarm, water shortage alarm, automatic filter cleaning, …

Anyone can use the direct hot and cold water purifier

Anyone can use the direct hot and cold water purifier

7. Power saving

Using block cooling technology, the water purifier saves energy. The direct hot and cold water purifier is usually designed by a separate system that operates with a capacity of about 500W / h. Much lower than other hot and cold water plants on the market. Designed to add a ring resistor relay to adjust the water temperature. Help you get water at the correct temperature as desired but still save electricity.

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8. The hot and cold water purifier directly protects home appliances

Direct hot and cold water purifiers not only make drinking water better. By removing chlorine, contaminants, bacteria and lead from drinking water prior to use. When you install a water purifier it removes minerals that cause lasting damage to your household items. Such as kettles, water heaters and coffee makers, etc. When you use hard water in these appliances, it deposits lime or iron. Make these devices perform at lower efficiency than before. And ultimately, product lifespan will be shortened and use more electricity.

9. Cost savings

This is an affordable and simple to install water filtration system. When compared to the cost of buying bottled water over a one-year period, the water purifier will soon pay a return. Usually bottled water is tap water which is then done through a purification process. One of the main reasons for this expense is that you are buying the value of the brand name of bottled water and the bundled bottle. Furthermore, this source of cost does not take into account the amount of energy we must use. For heating water, or for cooling, …

10. Hot and cold water purifier directly protects the environment

When water is continuously purchased in bottled form, it also contributes to environmental degradation. These bottles are typically manufactured from chemicals and otherwise recycled. Therefore they will fall into landfills or streams or garbage islands in the world’s oceans.

Plastic waste when discharged into the environment or buried. Over time will be broken down into pieces of plastic with many different sizes. Such as micro, nano, pico … These microplastics will then mix with water, soil, air … and cause marine creatures to eat. Next, humans eat these organisms and will indirectly put microplastics into the body, directly threatening health. Therefore, using a water filter is one of the methods of protecting the environment. Especially the soil and water environment.

Using a water purifier is an action to protect the environment

Using a water purifier is an action to protect the environment

Above are some basic information about direct hot and cold water purifiers. With the variety of water purifiers. Hope that the above knowledge will help you when choosing to buy water purifier today.

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